Game Modes you want to see, both new and old

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Just thought I'd start a discussion on game modes you hope to see in the game, both from previous titles and maybe new ones that haven't been tried in Call of Duty before. We all know of the standard list:





Capture the Flag

Ground War

And then there are usually some variations in which others are introduced, things like Kill Confirmed, Headquarters, Sabotage, Demolition, and things of that sort, followed by "Party Games" like Gun Game and One in the Chamber. So I'm curious to hear what you think should make the final cut, and what new game modes you would like to see included (if any), and maybe game modes you think can be removed.

Also, we should assume based on previous titles that the Hardcore and Core game modes will be split into two separate categories, so if you suggest a game mode, make sure to clarify whether or not you'd like to see it in Hardcore too. I think we can safely assume that at least FFA, TDM, and S&D will make it to the Hardcore Playlist.

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Domination CTF

Ground War

Hardpoint OR Drop Zone or both...

That one mode that involves protecting the person with the flag...


Maybe a new game since it's called CoD: Ghosts? Maybe something that requires stealth.

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since it is called CoD ghosts why not have a game very similar to SnD but one twist the attackers are ghosts and stay hidden by moving and have a knife as a weapon.

Also i would like a mix between tdm and SnD, like an elimination and set in rounds. this gamemode may push the trickshoting people into this (which will be EPIC!) and put the objective players into normal SnD and stay happy.

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One Flag Capture the Flag

Oddball/Team Defender


Snipers playlist

MLG playlist

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I hope IW brings Hardpoint from Black Ops 2.  I'd like to see a lot of fun game modes like Gun Game, Infected, Sharpshooter, etc.

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I guess I'll include some of my hopeful favorites:

18-Player Domination outside of Groundwar. I've always wanted a more fast-paced version of the game mode, with more action going on and more people fighting for flags.

War - Anyone who has played World at War knows that this is a fan favorite game mode that constantly gets suggested, but has yet to return. I would love to see it finally come back and be implemented though. It was such a fun game mode.

These are a couple game modes I suggested on another Forum for a separate game, but they would be equally as good in Call of Duty.

Gun Set (name needs work)

Respawn Delay: None

How to Win: First team to x number of kills/Most kills at end of time limit

This is a variation on Team Deathmatch. At the start of each match, a "type" of weapon is selected. This could be "Power Weapons", "Sniper Rifles", "Explosives", ect.. When a match starts, you can choose your class like normal, except instead of your regular classes, you would have pre-set classes that match the "Weapon Set" selected. Think like "Goldeneye 007" from the N64, except instead of players choosing the weapon type, the game randomly selects a weapon type.


Respawn Delay: None

How to win: Successfully plant and defend 2 Bombs

Rounds: 2 - Teams switch each round. In the event of a Tie, a 3rd round starts with the team that has the most kills on defense.

This mode should serve as a replacement for Demolition, except that there are multiple locations through out the map that you can select as a bomb site. You only have to successfully blow up 2 of them. Because of the increased difficulty for the Defending team, bomb timers are ~2 minutes. The increased number of bomb sites should alleviate the Spawn Trapping issue, and make matches more interesting and not play out the same every time. Strategy would be key.

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How about a gamemode where there is a fotress or a building that one team spawns into at the begining of a round, and there is a flag inside of it. The other team has to go and get that flag and bring it back to there base. The attacking team has a limited number of respawn in's and the defending team has to wait a certain amount of time to respawn in.

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What about something like a gamemode where teams are unbalanced? A team starts with great weaponry, with sights and technology, but they are in minority (for example 4 vs 8). The other team has old weapons,  without attachments, limited ammo, no perks and a pistol, spawn delay of 10 seconds and the only scorestreaks they can obtain are supporting scorestreaks, while other team gets offensive ones.

The defending team has only 3 lives each player and they have to resist 5 minutes or get a certain number of kills.

Would also be awesome a stealth team mode. 2 or 4 people get fully customized (with even 4 attachments) weapons and every stealth perk, and they have to infilitrate a base. The defending team can't leave the base, they don't have perks, they have limited ammo and the same weapons (for example AK-47). Their spawn delay is of 15-20 seconds.

The stealth team has 3 or 5 lives and has no spawn delay.

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Arms Race - From BO2 (Its tdm with 150 points a kill)

Face-Off - from MW3 make it so its not joinable on 1v1 by anyone and you are randomly matched up to prevent boosters.

Sniper Wars - Only can use bolt action snipers

Knife only- Small maps with whatever the throwing thing will be called , combat knife , and a balistic knife 

Sticks and Stones- From BO1 and BO2

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a Realistic mode where all match types use the Realistic mode rules (simulate real movement, stamina, damage, no respawns, no HUD, )  not intended for the casual gamers, but could open up a whole new level of super hardcore community. 

Also an Infected mode where of course 1 is randomly chosen to start as infected and has to infect the other players,

but the infected have high endurance,  and attack with clawing, grabbing and biting.   There should also be map settings

whether all bright maps can be made really dark (most or all of the lights are off), and day maps can be switched to really dark night maps.   And all survivors have flashlights.       Each infected could also summon zombie dogs. 

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