Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a camper (Part IV)

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Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a c...

This might be the conclusion of this series but these threads have generated some very good conversation so I might continue if the demand is there. Let me know in the replies what you'd like.

This thread I would like to discuss how I camp when I find my team is losing in an objective based gamemode. It's been brought up a couple times that campers drop the ball when losing and while I agree that camping when your team is losing but still has a chance to win is a bit selfish I would like to point out that one camper should be held responsible for a team's loss. There are five other players on a team that should also be held accountable.

If you are a camper and you don't want to go jumping out on flags in DOM I fully understand. So hopefully I can assist with some ideas on how to continue to camp while still be effective at helping you team make a comeback.

The first thing I would like to point out is that campers are often fulfilling roles that don't focus on capping flags. They are protecting spawns and securing objective that are already being taken. Assuming that a camper is doing this I would make the argument that the camper is pulling their weight. If the other five players are not successfully capping flags then it seems that they are the one contributing to a loss and not the campers.

However, say I'm in a match with going up against a talented team and there's a struggle over the 'B' flag. I'm defending the home flag and thus far have done so very well. We're losing the match by 20pts and there's only a couple minutes left. What should I do?

First, assess the situation as always. If you want to be a good camper you must be aware of what's going on. That's the advantage you're given while playing a slow game therefore it's best to use this advantage at all times. Things to consider is how often is the enemy attacking the home flag. If it's been a tough battle maintaining the home flag (let's call it 'A' for this example) then I would stay put. If you leave who's to say that it doesn't get taken over and a 20pt deficit doesn't turn into a 40 or 50pt deficit by the game's end.

If the enemy isn't being too relentless on the 'A' then I would think about moving forward. Don't abandon your post on 'A' because the risk of losing it will always be there. I would move forward to a position that gives me the chance to help provide support on 'B'. A high point or an easily defensible position that allows me access to the flag.

Some maps don't always allow this opportunity. While you may get a good look on 'B' the position could be easily overrun. Sometimes it's best to provide support and get your team organized to quickly cap the flag. I prefer to do this method on maps that have a lot of surrounding buildings or if the flag is in a location that doesn't have long lines of sights. Once the flag is taken I will then assume a defensive role and defend the position.

Don't forget about the home flag though. Depending on how late in the game it is it might be worth risking 'A's' safety so you can defend a more hostile flag. However, if the game still has a good bit of time left it's important to keep the home flag safe so your team doesn't get spawntrapped or spawnkilled. You also want to prevent the spawn from flipping. Now that you have both 'A' and 'B' your team will move to 'C' and when they do this they might flip the spawns. Be the anchor to prevent that form happening.

Not all loses happen late in the game. Sometimes the enemy comes out swinging you'll quickly find yourself fighting a massive uphill battle. If you're in a position where your team is almost immediately at a loss you need to evaluate what might happen. If your team is clearly out matched you might want to consider taking a "damage control" position and focus on making it out with some dignity intact. Just camp a corner of the map and allow your team to at least have a safe spawn.

If it's just a nice little burst of momentum that the enemy got then try to put out the fire. Camping doesn't have to be offensive. You can camp in an attack mode. Hit a flank hard and knock the opponent off their high horse. This momentum swing can give your team a chance to bring the fight back to level ground.

Focusing on a more supportive role like anti-air or offering supplies like Balistic Vests, Ammo Crates, and EMP like support can give everyone on your team that mini advantage on the field. Even more helpful is staying alive if your near a high streak. Go into supercamp mode to ensure that your Attack Heli or Odin Strike makes it onto the battlefield. Sometimes that strong offensive presence will push the enemy into a corner and your team can hold them there.

The last piece of advice is to communicate. Being on the far side of the battlefield you can sometimes offer reliable communication. Calling out positions and keeping your team calm is important in high stress games that are close. Intel isn't easy when your team is deep into the fight. They're often not focusing on which side the enemy is attacking. They're focus is on securing the objective and it's immediate surrounding area. Letting them know where a group of enemies are coming from you can give them the heads up needed to finally cap a flag.

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Yeah, many people seem to forget/ignore the fact that you do not "need" to cap all 3 flags in Domination. Sure, it may be awesome to do so, but it's not necessary to win. It's why I tend to hang out near our spawn and A flag after it's captured; to protect both the spawn point (so it doesn't get needlessly reversed due to the mindless rushing of others) and the flag itself.

Can't count the number of times I'd help cap A flag, then move on to (try to) help take B flag, only to hear that A flag is being captured because an enemy(s) spawned behind us and the WHOLE team had rushed forward, leaving A flag completely undefended, leading to team members now rushing BACK to A flag to protect it AND others stupidly try to rush for C flag, and it just becomes a constant see-saw match with whacked out spawns because of all the endless attempted rushing and splitting of our team's forces because teams feel they just HAVE to cap all 3 flags to show how "skilled" they are or something.

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It's pretty annoying when this happens. Most of the time though your team is judging you because you only have a cap or two. They're bragging about how they have 9 or 10 and the only reason they have so many is because they can't defend a flag and abandon every single flag they take. If they would just defend then the game would be over quickly and it's an easy win.

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BO2 should have taught a lot of people a lesson regarding caps. As I've posted before, there were matches where I alone had as many caps as the entire opposing team combined ... and my team still lost. It was amazing.

This is just my personal take on when to advance for the third flag. If my team has capped A and B and the other team has yet to cap C? This match has the potential to be a blow out. Second, if the lead is really wide. If it gets to be somewhere between a 50 and 60 point lead for my team, I tend to start thinking a third flag is a viable option.

I know this isn't a Domination thread, but it focuses on Dom. So, that said, I think some players have serious deficiencies in mathematical skills. Domination always goes to 200 or 250 points, depending upon the COD. Let's look at the 250 point game. Straight off the bat, without needing to do anything fancy, regardless of how many flags the opposing team currently holds, if the winning team has less than 125 points, the losing team needs to hold only two flags for the remainder of the match to win. That's absurdly basic math. In fact, the losing team can be down 0 - 124 and capping only two flags and holding them for the remainder of the match, they will win the match. Assuming, of course, the timer is not running out. Odds are it is not.

However long it takes to score 125 points with a single flag, having two flags acquires the same 125 points twice as fast.

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