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This is goiong to be a collection of things that would impress me enough to buy the next Call of Duty game. Although Call of Duty is a hit series, it is starting to die off on me and alot of people. What was shown at e3 was a little short of impressive and didnt really extinguish my expectations. Without further a due. Here is my list of "IDEAS" for Call of Duty Ghost multiplayer.


  • FN2000
  • Tar-21
  • Aug A-3
  • G3
  • MX4
  • MPX
  • "Beowulf" M4A1
  • ACR
  • M17

These are just Assualt Rifles and Sub Machines cause I dont really have favorites of anything else. I really miss the Tar-21 from MW2. Not the super rounded version MTAR from BO2, but the nice sleek one.


  • No more deathstreaks
  • When earned the goldenish icon appears like in MW2 (it was more visually satisfying)
  • No more support streaks

From there I dont care what you put in the game or do with the killstreaks. Just make the pop up icon suited of players that want nostalgia from 2009.


  • Not overly dynamic
  • More Map Biomes (Snow, Desert, Jungle, a "Square" hint hint, Rainy, Night)
  • Night...That reminds me. Bring back NV Goggles. They were just fun to use.

Maps dont need to be overly dynamic. As much as it is appealing, BO2 went to far with making zombies too dynamic and ive lost taste in it. Not saying you need to support my ideas, just saying it would really ruin the classical feel.


  • Classic 2 guns, 3 perks, lethal grenade, tactical grenade.
  • Revival of Stopping Power and Jugg. (Haters gonna Hate)
  • Double tap (YES YES YES!)
  • Perk 1 effects player(excpet Jugg) Perk 2 effects guns Perk effects enviorment/strategy

I am treading in dangerous waters poting what I would like for perks in the next game. It worked in previous games though. CoD4 was a classic hit; in fact people still go on and play it. Reviving some of its core features and adding new ones would completely change the way the game is played.

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This is for the promotion of my ideas some may not agree some may.

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Re: Ghost Multiplayer Ideas

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- I liked score streaks because players don`t simply focus on KILL, KILL, KILL.

- I would like the maps to be mildly dynamic, similar to what you said.

- I like the guns as long as they don't make the ACR overpowered.

- Don't care too much about the icon popping up (I do prefere it slightly).

- Night Vision goggles were fun to use, also I hope that they make it so maps will randomly be raining, night, storm ect. This way you'll see the map in a different way many times.

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Re: Ghost Multiplayer Ideas

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Congrats on using the word "Biome" for the first time in this forums history

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Re: Ghost Multiplayer Ideas

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I totally agree with bringing back the features that were popular, mostly from COD4 and MW2 (Perks, Weapons, simplicity), and also introducing new ideas and features we have not seen before.

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