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Elite Rebel's want you!


We are a clan on Black Ops 2 that were also the same clan on MW3 for Xbox 360, looking to continue on release of COD Ghosts. We want good members only! We have members from various parts of the globe including USA, UK, Holland, Ireland, Canada to name a few.

We currently hold a level of 50 on COD Elite for Black Op's 2 and 46 for MW3. We're ranked 6107 on Elite in the Middleweight clans category and we're looking to do the same on Ghosts.

we have won various medals in the current clan ops to date but mainly gold.

We have 30 members with an Overall K/D of 0.81 which isn't the best I know but we do have a great clan.

We don't have any major requirements. The few we have are listed as followed:-

Must be a team player and able to be available for at least one of the two weekly clan operations and almost all daily challenges.(Postponed until Ghosts)

Must have a decent level of maturity but age doesn't matter.

Our members are very diverse, some excelling in TDM while others excel in HC S&D and HC TDM.

We would love to have a good dedicated team to do the clan ops and clan challenges so if you feel you could meet this requirement please apply.

If you are interested please add ERs as your clan tag and also apply to join the clan via Elite using the link

Also we have a Facebook group for us, you don't have to join it's optional,

If for whatever reason you are unable to find the clan, simply send a message to me and I will reply ASAP. All applications will be accepted at the earliest possible point.

Thanks Fatigue Psycho.

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