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PC version of Ghosts

1. when will rentable ranked servers be available ?

2. when will rentable unranked servers be available?

4. when will the pc version be optimised to work with mid-high end gaming rigs?

5.ghosts has reasonably big maps, why are tdm sizes limited to 12? will that be increased?

6. When are the graphics actually going to be improved as you stated this would be the best looking COD of all time, and actually it looks worse than Modern Warfare 2?

7. When will FOV be changeable in the game rather than having to use a 3rd party app?

8. When will the graphics Vram bug be sorted out, GTX780Ti has 3Gb of Vram and the game is using it all but Crysis 3 maxed out looks better than this game and only uses 1.9Gb, even when playing the likes of Battlefield 4 at 4K it doesn't use the full 3Gb!

9. When will the anti cheat software be added to the game?

10. When will the sound be fixed since it's just pathetic that you can hear people's footsteps on the other side of the map?

11. When will the instant death be fixed due to the lag comp where you die instantly after seeing the enemy, only to watch the kill cam back to find you were in the enemies sights for 3 to 4 seconds?

12: When will the FPS cap be removed on the multiplayer side of the game, I can run the campaign maxed out at up to 300fps but averages 190fps, and it's pretty much smooth but multiplayer cannot be ran maxed out because of stutter and massive fps drops?

I hope you actually answer some pc related questions instead of just doing the usual and ignoring the pc gamers and only dealing with the console gamers.

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Hi Candace

First off I just wanna say I really appreciate the effort to increase communication with the players though this Q&A and I really hope your team keeps it going weekly/bi-weekly.  So thank you =)

1. I play on PC and the PC launch has been... rocky, to say the least.  Unfortunately the PC player base is so disgruntled that there is hardly anyone playing, which is really sad for a major-franchise game that is less than a month old. Are you making any efforts to bring some PC players back?  I know one thing that all of us have been asking for is an in-game FOV slider. 65-80 would be good, 65-90 would be perfect.  Another thing we all really want to see is an unlocked frame rate, or at least a 120 FPS cap instead of 91 FPS (for those who have 120Hz monitors).  Treyarch gave us both of theses things with BO2 and it's really sad to see Ghosts take a step backwards.  Adding these things would be seen as a good-will action by most PC players, and another thing that would bring PC players back would be the addition of a server browser and mod tools.

2.  The game has some balance issues.  Do you have any plans for the MTAR-X and the MSBS?  Those two guns seem to make all the rest of the guns pointless/obsolete.  May I suggest reducing the MTAR's magazine down to 30 and maybe reducing fire rate as well? As for the MSBS, may I suggest changing the damage from 55-20 to 49-30?

3.  IW said they wanted the pointstreaks to be more ground-based.  If this is true, I'd like to know why the Assault Drone from MW3 did not return.  I thought it fit the category perfectly.

4. Speaking of pointstreaks, have you ever thought about awarding 2 points for objectives like capturing flags or plating bombs?  Have you thought about changing Kill Confirmed so that kills do not earn points but picking up tags do earn points?  The current implementation offers very little incentive to pick up tags...

I know this was kind of a lot to read, but if you read it all, thank you very much!

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Re: Ghosts Q & A

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Q: Will you be adding a Mercenary playlist in the future for Call of Duty Ghosts?

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1. Are you going to be continuing to make significant PC optimizations? The patch fixed alot, but there are still quite a few issues in terms of drop outs, lagging, and server issues. Any graphical, and audio tweaks (Seriously, why the single master volume?) in the works as well?

2. On that note, what happened with the PC port? Why all the issues?

3. Final note on the PC port, a lot of players were burned or turned off by it, which sucks because it means less players online and some games have no available matches. Since the PC port is now getting better, will you be making an effort to try to bring both those people back?

Thank you for your time.

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Please give clan leaders that don't have access to the app the ability to set clan tags and view clan war progress.  Right now my guys are about to unlock gold clan tags and I have no way to set our official clan tags.  A website like Elite would be preferred, but if those options could be added to the in game clan management options would also be fine.

Spawns are a little better now, but still need work. 

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Any chance you will be adding Hardcore Search & Destroy? its been in every Call of Duty and its all my team play!

Thermal Scopes are EXTREMELY over powered! you get perfect vision down scope and shoot any white blob that pops up. Past Call of Duties such as MW2 had it right, you gained the ability to clearly see an enemy but at the cost of actual decent vision of the rest of the scoped-in view. Any changes maybe?

Dead Silence should not be able to get cancelled out by another perk. MW3 had this wrong also. Perks should not cancel out other perks. Perks are there to give the player an added ability to help with the way they play, and with dead silence being canceled out by amplify, it makes it not a 'perk' at all. Its like everyone on the enemy team running Off the Grid but im running Anti-Off the Grid perk which means i still see them on Radar...Doesn't make sense does it?

Lastly the Chainsaw is a god!!! don't you agree? haha. (i only play hardcore so bullet damage of guns doesn't really apply to me as everyone dies in 2 bullets of any gun, so weapons can't be OP, unlike core where you can tell if a weapon is OP)

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But then if Dead Silence cancels out Amplify, its Amplify thats rendered entirely null and void, same situation but in reverse...

IMO the one which cancels out the other should cost more to use. Thats the only good fix I see as one will always overpower the other due to the nature of how the two perks work...

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Re: Ghosts Q & A

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Is Call Of Duty Ghost for Wii U geting DLC/Seasson Pass

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Re: Ghosts Q & A

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Why can't I play against a friend in squad vs squad. No way to join each other. Other mods is works

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Re: Ghosts Q & A

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Is obligatory to have de Call of Duty App to participate on Clan Wars?

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