How about weapon DLCs for Ghosts in the coming future?

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I don't care if there is or isn't weapon DLC..
But if there is no G36C or M16 I will be upset for the rest of my life..
So if the game does not include these 2 weapons, please do include them in a weapon DLC

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LOL.. they don't need those weapons. This is not a MW sequel so there is no reason to have MW weapons it for nostalgic players.

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They will take your money anytime.  A new gun, 2.00?? No, what they need to do is allow you to design it yourself and charge 20.00 for it.

Lets do this guys, we all love call of duty so keep it clean.

How much would you pay to be able to design your own weapon?

I would easily pay 20 bucks if I could build it from the finish on my stock (which I can't see), to the gas vented barrel.  I might even pay a bit more to see the smoke come out from it.

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Rather than simply re-releasing old weapons (of which there are most likely comparable performers in Ghosts anyway), they should release lesser known/prototype/etc. weapons like the Chain SAW (real prototype weapon KAC ChainSAW - Gun Wiki) or the M8A1 a.k.a. XM8 in BO2 (canceled prototype)

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