How to CORRECTLY use the new features we have on the forums.

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How to CORRECTLY use the new features we have on t...

As a lot of you good folks of the CoDHQ have now noticed we have some new spiffy features and options on the forums. when you go to the which ever forum you wanted to post in you may have noticed there is now options for 

  • Discussion
  • Poll
  • Idea

Now I appreciate people like new stuff and want to try it out, but I can't help but notice we seem to be getting inundated with polls. More specifically polls that really have no place being polls as they are either ideas or general discussions.

So if you have an IDEA for a change or something new -post it as an idea , this is a feature we pushed to get implemented onto the forums , and allows users to vote up or down an idea and allows people to more importantly discuss that idea.

If you have a general comment or viewpoint on something just post it as a discussion

If you really absolutely have to make a poll before you hit poll , just think what it is you are posting for and, if you find half way through making your "poll" you are making up answers that require long sentences then think is this a poll or a discussion topic

.. personally i'd prefer this feature was removed from general user access as there is no real reason why we should have it as an option. With the utmost of respect imo every poll posted so far is a waste of bandwidth , as they are either utterly pointless or would've been better as discussion piece or as an idea.

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