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We all thought claymores were bad, IED's are so much worse. No way of knowing their there, no way of getting away from them. IED's need to have some sort of beeping sound that always plays when they are placed on the map. IED's are stupid, just like this game.

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Use the perk to see them. Stay away from them or shoot them. Yes this game is SHIT I totally agree with you.

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the problem is the perk(s) costs 2 slots where using the IED only costs 1. Not very balanced if you ask me.

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Well you see a lot more then just IED's.

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Ahh, there's a blinking light on the top. Use perk to see equipment. Use tactical before rushing in. USE MARATHON AND YOU CAN JUST RUN RIGHT BY BEFORE IT BLOWS UP! I say that in caps because it happens all the time to me. Trust me, I place mine in good spots too. It's the only none streak mine there is in the game. It's not OP IMO. You can't get more from scavenger either.

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if you read a prior post of mine i normally run with blast shield also marathon does not allow you to run past them in hard core game modes its just unlimited sprinting you are better off going with agility but still cant run past them and if you run sit rep and blast shield its 4 slots filled, sit rep is just 2 but thats cool and all that you can see them but like ive mentioned before sometimes there in places you cant pr detonate them b4 going through so you have to go all the way around the map to get by them. blast shield i think is great and helps a lot but not all the time. and what i posted was about being killed by one from 12-15 ft away that was set off by another team mate (who had blast shield). all i was getting at was making the blast radius a true 4-5 ft.

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the IED do have a beeping sound, its 2 clear sharp beeps whenever you walk near them, they have a built in stalker pro perk where you can run right past them without any damage.

get out of that BO2 mentality and slow the fuck down, your dieing all the time because your running around aimlessly, spraying bullets everywhere expecting the game to spoon feed you everything.

the game isn't stupid you are.

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Not just run right past them but stand right next to them and no die. They don't always kill at point blank range and that should never happen.

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got to agree the blast radius is insane but they are alot of fun to use while we are on about them is there a perk that lets you get past them with out setting them off ive seen a few people run straight past mine

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TThey flash bright orange or blue or if your blind use the perk that shows them or better still try not runing round like a headless chicken

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