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Sorry, I dropped in this the other forums before I saw general, but wondering if this would be a good idea as an add on, or if it could be implemented.

  I have not reviewed this game yet, just an
idea on multiplayer.  As it is now on Black Ops 2 you have several games, maybe 5 to a team.  What if you had a third team that ran the score streaks?  Basically if someone gets 5 kills they make a call.  Instead of them controlling the warship or just calling in the stealth chopper, there is an
individual that flys the plane and makes the kills.  The individual is not on the team, but rather
part of the “advanced team”.   In order to be part of the “Advanced Team” you
need to have the stats for it. 


The gameplay for these guys would not be the same.  For example, when you reach level?? and have
so many kills, you choose to be a pilot. A flight instructor comes on and shows you the ropes.  You pick your aircraft, your armament, colors, so on.  You are now ready to fly.  You enter the lobby the same as anyone else, except you have the option to go to the advanced team.  If it is already full, you can elect to stay or go to another lobby. 

The advanced team basically watches the game.  When someone gets 5 kills, they make the
call.  Depending on what map they are on, a list of possible options comes on.
They elect aircraft support for fire bombing.  They send the coordinates.  The plane takes off.  Here is where the gameplay gets different for the advanced team.  They make their way to the bomb site.  If someone from the other team has called in a SAM team, then the plane need to evade them.  Or if the other team has also called in a plane of their own, then a dogfight may ensue.  Whatever the obstacle, the pilot has found the target, and he needs to hit it.  He elects what type (depending on his payload) and fires.  A specified amount of time must elapse before he can make the second run.  If the opposing team has not set up countermeasures, he will likely prevail again.
Everyone knows how much fun it ISN’T when a VTOL warship is wasting, so
they will likely set it up, or they could elect something else. 


Another idea for the advanced team is a demolitions expert.  This guy would be dropped in, and locate multiple places to place bombs.  He needs to remain hidden, so his equipment will play a huge part of his choice for gear.  As for if the team can see him or not???  Anyway an example would be let’s say a
ship.  He boards, and sees an enemy.  If this guy breaks silence, his camo if off.  He then is just another gunner on the team and needs to find a location and reapply his camo.  The types of ordinance he has will vary, but basically he needs to complete his mission and get off the ship to
detonate.  After a small amount of time has elapsed, he can make a second run.  He
may also be outfitted with gear that can laze targets.  So if this guy is going covert, just a small
silent dart rigged with harmonics or sound, could make some trouble.


Larger battlefields may require some tanks and choppers.  Anyway tons of ideas on this, not sure how
many people would be allowed on a team, or if this would be a specific game mode to allow for the space.  What it would do, is allow for another way to advance in the game.

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Your ideas sounds more like complete games. And who would want to wait until he maybe can fly a plane and maybe get some kills.

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stupid idea.

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I think it would work if they tried it, or something along those lines.  It would be for players that want to change up gameplay.   It would allow you to get away from no one going after the flag and just getting kills instead.  Those were probably just bad teams, but if no one on your team even tries to cover a flag, or escort you, then its mindless.

This would basically give you a mission, and the gear to complete it while everyone else is blasting.  If someone called in a demolition strike, and the guy doesn't complete the strike, or doesn't assist, his stats suffer for it.  Dogfights could be seen, and a downed plane would alter the map.  Minguns or equipment from a downed helo would make for a good rally point, and also a good place for a sniper to wait to pick off some greedy fingers.

Anyway, its far out there, but not that far.

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