Keep League Play Available For Solo Gamers

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If Ghosts doesn't have League style play for solo competitors I won't be playing it for very long. I was sceptical about League play in BO2 but once I started playing it I find that I can't bring myself back to PUB matches anymore. I really like the higher skill level in Champions League, being that I can't always play in a 4 man team I like the option to still play at a higher level solo.

Infinity Ward please keep League Play as is just refine the points scoring system, give out more punishment to the quitters & League Play will be great.

PUB matches are now boring to me so if I can't play a league style gameplay think I might move over to BF4.

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The problem with Solo Leauge/Competitive, is that it won't work properly. Solo players would have to be seperate from teams, to make it fair. And you also need to prevent people from partying in Solo rank mode. In BO2 the top ranked players in moshpit leage play with a full party all the time. And in Champions leauge, the top players usually have parties of 3.

I tried playing Solo league in BO2 a few times and it totally sucked. In 9 out of 10 games one of your teammembers doesn't even join the game, or leaves within the first minute. Another one usually leaves when your team is down by a few points, or he just goes AFK to get the XP.

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Then you wont be playing it for every long for Ghosts does not even have LP at all. It has clans vs clans and there is no solo aka lone wolf option. Which is far better than LP ever was. Allowing solo players in LP made it a joke really.

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