Launch Countdown Double XP Week!

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Launch Countdown Double XP Week!

A new blog posted, located here, went live discussing double XP. Below is the raw text. Check out the blog for some sweet pictures too!

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Call of Duty®: Ghosts on November 5th, we’re turning on Double XP for both Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty®: Black Ops II during the entire week of Friday, October 25th 2013 (10am/PDT) through Friday, November 1st  2013 (10am/PDT).

If that alone isn’t incentive enough to polish off those final prestige levels, we’re offering exclusive in-game backgrounds in Call of Duty®: Ghosts for those that have played the previous two games. You can pick a background to showcase for each of your soldiers, so other players will see your veteran status.

There are six backgrounds in total that unlock based on previous accomplishments. Have you played Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops II multiplayer? That’s two backgrounds. Have you prestiged at least once in Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops II multiplayer? Another two backgrounds.

For our most dedicated players, however, we’d like to share the following:

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start tearing through prestige levels.

Call of Duty®: Ghosts is available for current-gen systems and Windows PC November 5th, 2013. Pre-order now  and get all the latest news by following the Call of Duty®: Ghosts Facebook page  and Twitter (@CallofDuty  and @InfinityWard).

Call of Duty®: Ghosts is still undergoing development. Point values and game mechanics are subject to change.

Originally posted: Oct. 24, 2013

Source: Call of Duty®: Ghosts Intel – Launch Countdown Double XP Week

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Backgrounds look great.

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