MR-28 w/ Burst Fire = MSBS

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MR-28 w/ Burst Fire = MSBS

After the MSBS got nerfed... a lot of players have been looking for a new gun.  However, it [MSBS] still dominates in close and mig range if you hit your shots.  If you liked the MSBS with a little more range, try this loadout:

MR-28 with burst fire and iron sights.

The fact is the MR-28 already comes with a grip and sight.  Also, it does more damage then the MSBS with less falloff over distance.  The ONLY advantage the MSBS has is a larger mag.

So if enough people complain-- things get nerfed.  However, players will just move to the next 'best' gun(s).  Yes, you die very fast in the this game... kind of like MW2 (this isn't BO2).  However, nerfing guns still doesn't 'fix' the problem-- it's more of a band aid.  The reason ARs and MRs are dominating the game right now is b/c of level design.

MR-28 with burst fire and iron sights = a much more powerful MSBS w/ faster movement.  If your not sure what guns and perks are good, just look at the list of banned guns, attachments and perks from eSportsSmiley Happy

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Re: MR-28 w/ Burst Fire = MSBS

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Eh, the burst fire, from my experience, throws off the accuracy a bit.

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