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It seems that the trend has been to bring back maps from previous editions of Call of Duty. I am sure that all of the DLC content is and has been in the works for some time, but is there a way to get the community involved in this aspect? I know that some people love some of the previous maps and would enjoy seeing some of them back again.

Probably my all time favorite map was Wet Works on Call of Duty 4, but that may just be my preference.

Anyhow,a poll with a list of potential maps/gear/camos would be awesome for us to vote on. Maybe letting us vote straight from our consoles.

Just my 2 cents.

Red Bull Vodka

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As long as they don't charge for the re-made maps I'm all for it. They already made their money off those maps and I don't think they should be charging in order for us to play it in a new game. I want original and new content in my new game if I'm paying for it, not something remade. I feel this is just a lazy effort in order to fulfill their 4 map pack requirement with minimal effort.

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