My honest opinion on Ghosts so far

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My honest opinion on Ghosts so far

I was just about done with COD after two frustrating years starting with MW3 and ending with BO2. I had already made my mind up that I was converting over to Battlefield, which is a great game by the way and recommend that you all try it. But anyway, I decided to try this game after hearing some good things about it (dedicated servers being one of them, which hasn't been implemented yet <_<) After a couple of hours playing the game, I have to say that I am glad that I got a buy 2 get 1 free deal from Target when I bought AC4 and BF4 along with it to not pay full price for this game. I know that a lot of people come around here and complain about the game this early in its life cycle, but I'm about fed up with certain issues that have existed for years and the addition of new ones.

1. The connection: Me and my friend always joke about this. In terms of connection, he says he gets screwed over on Battlefield, and I'm usually the one getting screwed over in COD. I know. Cool story bro, right? What I want to know is why this continues to happen to me in COD. Yeah, I always complain about this. I won't lie. I guess it gets to a certain point when you experience this crap as much as I have, you just say, "Screw it. I don't care anymore. Nothing I do matters in this game." Ever since BO1, my first COD, I've been screwed over by this franchise's multiplayer so many times for three years, and it's gotten to the point where I get mad over it when I really shouldn't be. For me, it's been a grueling two years, and I'm saying two because I didn't know that this was supposed to be the standard of connection for COD back when I started, but I still shoot first and die, get shot around corners, my enemy sees me before I see them, bullets sometimes do not register, I die in what seems like 1 bullet while I take at least near half a clip to kill someone, and so much more. IW and Treyarch, when will you get this right? In fact, if you go into Squads mode and go into local play and practice against the bots on veteran and mixed (I did that to try and adapt to this new game...), you will have these instances where what I described happens, and it's on freaking local play. How in the world does that work? HOW? I shoot at a bot while it's in the running animation with deadeye equipped (and it activated in this particular situation), and they still magically kill me like I did nothing. Seriously, what is that? This always gets talked about every year, Why do they never address this issue? Those dedis better alleviate some of these problems because they have gotten away with this crap for far too long.

2. The spawns. This game may have the worst spawns in COD history. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that one. Yes, I will admit that I have benefited from this at times and have gotten free kills by spawning behind someone or them spawning in my line of sight. Likewise, I have the worst luck when it comes to this. I get shot in the back frequently when someone on the enemy team is killed because they spawn behind me, and it seems to happen every where I go. Just today, I was playing Blitz on Octane and just joined in the game, took 2 steps, and got merked by someone with an MSBS, the mega super bull sh*t gun. I'm never safe. I suffer from this more than I benefit from it. It shouldn't even be this way at all for anyone. Apparently, good spawns are too much to ask for from the people who make so much money from us year after year. Why can't we ever get good spawns? WHY?

3. The maps. Some of these maps are too big, and most of them suck. What IW should have considered when making this game for current gen consoles was to make sure that there would be a certain number of players to support these maps. Instead of putting all of their focus towards the dogs and fish, they should have made sure ground war was going to make it into the game on current gen. I can barely find anyone because of the size of these maps. If I ever got into a lobby that was playing on either Siege, Stonehaven, or Whiteout, I back out because I know I won't be able to find anyone. I already know that half of them are just going to camp anyway...oh wait...

4. The campers. People just never move. What can I say? This problem is the community's fault. You die so fast in this game you have to be cautious. Some of you are like me that gets screwed over by the connection, and you deem the situation worthy to just sit back and camp. Others will just rely on IED's to help them camp. Some people will just sit in the corner all game, which is what I really hate. I'm not trying to hate on people who play like this, but at this point, if all you're going to do is sit there and camp, there's no point in playing this. You make the game boring by not even moving. It's bad enough that on the larger maps we would have difficulty finding other players sometimes, but it's even more frustrating when all you're doing is camping. By doing this, you are slowing an already slow game down, which isn't fun for anyone. I thought this was supposed to be a fast paced game, not who can camp better than the opposing team. I'm not saying that you don't have the right to do this as you've paid to play the game. I'm not trying to hate on campers. What I have a problem with is that you slow the game down and suck any sort of fun that the game had right out of it for other people who do not want slow paced games. The usual thing people say is, "If I wanted to camp, I'd go to Battlefield." Although this is not exactly accurate, that tactic is at least a more suitable option on that game than COD in my opinion.

5. Leveling. It's pretty slow in this game. I don't really care too much about this since I can just buy what I want with squad points...or at least I thought it would be that simple...

6. Squad Points. This was a nice idea, but so far, it just hasn't appealed to me. What exactly do you have to do to earn these points? You don't come across squad points as often, and these guns, perks, and custom classes are not cheap either. Definitely more of a challenge to get set up, but I wish this was a system that had a little bit more explanation involved in them.

7, Cheaters: What a surprise. You have people who love to ruin the experience for other people by playing the game illegitimately. They already hacked the game before the official release, which is ridiculous. Okay. That can be excused as long as you remove them. But wait...they're still there. Leaderboards, hacked lobbies, infections... Here they are running amok and nothing is being done about it. You've got to be kidding me, IW. Nothing is perfect, but at some point, you have to at least wonder how in the world the game got hacked that fast, and how they continue to do their dirty work on console and on PC without any consequence.

I can say that this COD lives up to the reputation of the franchise: a complete joke. The negatives massively outweigh the positives for me, and I am sick of these installments being a disappointment year after year. This game was perhaps their last chance to appeal to gamers due to the better games coming out next year (Titanfall and Destiny being the main ones), and judging by the complaints of the users here, I can see that they have a lot of fans who excuse a lot of the problems that this game brings and a lot of people that have just had enough. People should not have to rely on patches for a game to be appealing. It should be that way from the beginning. Things can change, and people might have to adapt, but that never rights the wrongs that IW and Treyarch get away with.

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Re: My honest opinion on Ghosts so far

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Ovrlord, Ive just posted a similar review as your self and have just seen yours it's along similar lines, I'm also disappointed; see  ( An Australian COD players review )  with Titanfall and Destiny on the horizon the COD franchise shelf life maybe shortened unless they address many of the ongoing issues that have plagued them for such a long time and have been talked about time and time again.  BTW Good post.

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Re: My honest opinion on Ghosts so far

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My opinion on these issues you brought up:

1. I do get into some pretty laggy games from time to time i will admit, but you have to keep into consideration that your connection is also part of the problem. Don't get me wrong, im not saying that the game itself isn't laggy, because it is, but it's hard to blame it 100% on the game.

2. Some of the spawning is pretty ridiculous at times. I personally feel that BO2 had worse spawning issues, but it definitely takes away from the game when you spawn and then drop without knowing what even hit you.

3. Personally, i think the maps are decent, and MUCH better than the MW3 maps. Stonehaven is by far the worst map on the game though, i can agree with that.

4. Campers are absolutely infuriating. Whenever i get killed by a camper, i ALWAYS make it my mission to kill them. Even if i repeatedly die from it, i will not stop until i kill them. But you said it yourself, any and every COD game will have campers unfortunately enough, no matter what you do.

5. Agreed. On BO2 i could go from level 1 to level 4 or 5 in one round if i did good enough. On Ghosts, im lucky to hit level 2 after one round. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it makes the game repetitive much faster.

6. I love the Squad Point idea personally. You mainly get them through capturing objectives and completing operations. They are sparce at first though.

7. I haven't encountered any cheaters myself yet. You must have got off pretty unlucky.

The game definitely has it's problems, there's no debating that. I believe that Ghosts is better than the last two COD games though (MW3, BO2). But let's face the facts: COD isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The franchise has wayyyyyy to many fanboys to even comprehend, and they will always make that purchase every year. We will see what happens when Destiny/Titan Fall hit the shelves, but i think we are going to be seeing COD for a long time still.

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Re: My honest opinion on Ghosts so far

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I agree that Ghosts requires a lot of fixes to become a better game. I love Stonehaven for the very reasons that made COD a huge hit in the beginning. The ability to play multiple styles in a single match. Yes, we disagree about certain maps. But thats because we are different people who play differently from one another for a multiple of reasons. Thats what makes a good game. Pleasing many tastes in one game is an essential goal to its success.

The biggest issues I have with Ghosts are lag and the spawns. I think the lag will be addressed when the dedicated servers come online on the 22nd. Although I personally believe COD should eventually play solely over dedicated servers for it to keep up with technology and remain playable.

I don't think the maps are too big at all. I've seen no evidence of their size in affecting gameplay. The only time it does is when too many players are camping and only a few are moving around the map. If everyone camped, what kind of game would you be playing? A pretty horrible one I would imagine.

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