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New Gamemode

just a fun little post, make up your own game mode, and reply with allll the details! the member whose is "liked" the most will get... well, nothing. bragging rights... deal with it

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Re: New Gamemode

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Game Mode: EVAC

my game mode would require a long corridor type map, with high buildings on either side.


one team defends an evac zone (located on one end of the long corridor) which the offensive team tries to reach.

teams score by reaching the evac zone, not re spawning once they reach that zone.

the offensive team will be at a large disadvantage bc of the elevated positions easily accessible by the defending team, so to even it out, the first three players to die on the offensive team will re spawn ONCE.

the round will be 3 minutes long, 2 rounds, the team with most points at the end of the two rounds wins.

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