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I have been dying to create a class with 2 pistols as my weapons(pistol for primary and pistol for secondary). I love running around with a handgun but get stuck when I have to switch weapons quickly after unloading a mag. I would like to trade my primary for a second secondary weapon, akimbo/dual wield doesn't solve my issue. I often replace my primary with a dropped handgun to fix this, but when I die, I can only hope to find another dropped handgun. It's a bummer.

Would you be interested in seeing Overkill open up to allow a second secondary?

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part of me says no. but part says hell yes for the rage it would cause if the pistols in this game are any where near how bo2 pistols are.

a semi pistol for longer range battles and a machine pistol for close range battles.. can hear all the players crying about such a class now.

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This idea has already been suggested many times in the past. Heck, I'm one of them!

Anyways, I think they should change the "Overkill" variant to allow players to equip any 2 weapons, allowing players to select anything they want, and not just 2 primaries.

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