Please Remove Panic-Knifing in Future

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Please Remove Panic-Knifing in Future


  I asked in Black Ops I & II, and I'll ask again here:

         Please remove panic-knifing in future Calls-of-Duty.

  I think that the vast majority of players are just irritated by the function. It lowers the skill-ceiling and rewards poor tactics & foresight.

  The argument of its' being unrealistic and silly doesn't hold much weight in a game as simple and arcadey as COD, but it's still true.

  Having the Tac-Knife as a primary would still give the people who want to melee it up something to play with, but the panic insta-kill without having to draw it or even have it equipped is just terrible.

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Re: Please Remove Panic-Knifing in Future

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