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Sliding Camo Challenge Clarification?/Challenges H...

Hi guys, ive been trying to complete the sliding camo challenge on the Honeybadger,

But ive noticed that not all sliding kills seem to count.

For example sometime ill get a kill while mid slide that appears to count and sometimes not, same thing with sliding to a complete stop then getting a kill.

Does anyone have any clarification on what makes "get ** kills shortly after sliding" count. because im baffled at the moment.


Does each challenge have to be active in the challenges menu to be available for completion?

For example, i was trying the get the 120 kills with Holographic sight, (unlocks the wooly hat) but ive now lost track on how many kills ive got with it.

And Finally,

If the answer to the above question NO, is there a way to view challenges not listed on that menu?

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Re: Sliding Camo Challenge Clarification?/Challeng...

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I don't know about the sliding challenge, but I do know a little about the challenges. It seems that they have to be active under your "operations" section to be counted. I was working towards the "meticulous II" challenge, and didn't realize that because it wasn't active, my kills weren't counting. You have to keep unlocking operations until you see the one you want.

On a side note, I've noticed that if once you complete five challenges, you won't get bonus squad points for any more, so it's wise to unlock new operations after 5.

Also, I don't believe it's possible to check on the status of all the different challenges. Maybe Elite will have that functionality, but I doubt it.

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