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I've played squads a bit - mostly squad assault.  To be honest, I was expecting quite a bit more from this mode given the amount of hype they put towards the entire squad addition.  The XP cap makes the mode pretty much useless for players who dominate bots.  2000xp per match in the scheme of things in this game is a drop in the bucket.

The only useful things I've gotten out of playing squads:

Learn the maps without having to deal with "vets" online.

Earn squad points to apply to your class so you can be ready to play against "vets" without having a lackluster class.

Play with my wife and not have to worry about being thrown into some random game.

In the end, I wish they would have simply not spent the time on squads and spent more time on map design, spawn locations, and esports (not a competitive player, but I enjoy watching it and at this point, the pros are having a difficult time with the game due to the current lack of esports integration and codcaster mode along with no Hardpoint or CTF).

Squads to me was a huge letdown.

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Re: Squads - Everything known so far

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I could not find how I can play against friend with his squad with my squad. I can find challenges friends squad but that's not hinm playing only AI.So maccabi? Or should a ask in support?

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Re: Squads - Everything known so far

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It's too bad squad play has so many questions.  I think it's a great leap forward, and so far I'm enjoying it!

A few questions of my own though.

First, I decided to practice squads on "local play". I created my first soldier, as well as all 7 loadouts. I then realized I have 6 other squadies to loadout, each with 7 slots.  I thought maybe I could copy a loadout from the first soldier I created and paste the loadout to another squad member, but no luck.  So I decided to just create one loadout per squad member, each serving a particular function (didn't feel like doing 7 loadouts for 7 squad members).

THEN when I went to online squad play, none of the soldiers I created (from my "local" squad) were there.  So do I REALLY have to create 7 soldiers with 7 loadouts each for LOCAL play, then do it all over again for online play?  That seems kind of ridiculous. You should be able to just create a soldier and squad and that's it, no matter what. I get that you have to earn squad points for online squads, that makes sense.  But I dunno...maybe I'm missing something?

Also, for the past few days I've been playing "local squads" and they're all still level 1. I'm winning most of my matches, but I noticed that the other AI squads I'm playing on local play have higher/different levels. How/why is this? And why are my guys not leveling up?

If anyone can answer this for me, I'd appreciate it!

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