The Current State Of Clan Vs Clan

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The Current State Of Clan Vs Clan

With the recent title update of adding the ability to just joined up with out 4 people is really pointless. Its supposed to be Clan Vs Clan not 4 random people who have never played against either a clan or a random team of random 4 people.

The eSports rules in the playlist:

As this is good and all, we are not MLG players nor do we intend on being. This should have been made into a seperate playlist where they can do wahtever there heart desires and leave Clan vs Clan strictly to clans. At lease make it so we can disable it when we want to.

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Re: The Current State Of Clan Vs Clan

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I am wondering if they plan on using Clan v Clan for Qualification for the COD Championships and thus introduced the rules. But it seems they could have made a playlist specifically for this purpose...

I didn't know they were allowing people to just randomly join the playlist now. Would seem you should need to be in a recognized Clan in order to join.

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