The GOOD in Ghosts.

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The GOOD in Ghosts.

Iv'e been noticing that these boards are FILLED with people b*tching about how much they hate Ghosts, and how "It's the worst COD game in history", etc. There is definitely some problems in the game, yes. It's not the best COD game in the world, but it sure as hell isn't the worst (to me anyway). I thought that i would make a discussion about things that people actually enjoy about Ghosts. Here are mine:

-I love the new Perk system. The huge variety of perks, and the point system with it, is awesome. It allows every player to have a different style of playing the game.

-Squad points. I like the idea that i can unlock whatever i want, when i want to instead of having to wait and level up before being able to use certain guns/equipment.

-The maps. The new maps definitely allow players to use different strategies instead of the typical run and gun SMG style of playing.

-The Cranked game mode is a lot of fun. Definitely caters to those who like a fast pace game.

-Balanced guns. This is big to me. The last few COD games had some balancing issues when it came to their guns. Type 95 anyone?

Either way, those are the thing off the top of my head. What are your favorite things about Ghosts? And here's to hoping this discussion doesn't get shut down for no apparent reason again.

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Re: The GOOD in Ghosts.

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So far great game. Issues with the game. Off course every game got issues.

Biggest improvement are the maps. Some maps still have 3 lanes (warhawk for example) but most maps have so many ways. It plays different then older cod's but far better. It gives the game so much more dimensions.

Weapon balance. AR dominated role. I don't find it weird. A lot of long lines of sight and CQB. So AR better off.

perks. Not really far but I like it so far. It's in one hand harder to make a classe but otherwise easier.

Just depens of what you want

cranked didn't play but I like blitz

squadpoints and squads I like it. Before I would make different classes for each roll. Now I can build members with more classes within the same roll.

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Re: The GOOD in Ghosts.

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The maps and balance of guns are definitely 2 main reasons why this game is so much better than BO.  I get bored with every style of gameplay so it is nice to be able to change it up every map with a different setup.

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Re: The GOOD in Ghosts.

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This is a forum where people express their opinions and experiences with this game. Whether or not you share those opinions OR experiences is completely, and totally, irrelevant.

The maps, the perks, the mechanics of the game I have no problem with. I think overall it's one of the best designed COD's in years. But...

The PROBLEMS with Ghosts are multiple.

1.The hit detection is great. IF you are the enemy. But, thanks to LAG, good hit detection causes "insta-deaths".

2. The LAG has been a problem especially since MW3. Sadly, the lag has gotten WORSE with each COD since. BO2 had the worst lag in COD history. It STILL has horrible (unplayable) lag. But, now, Ghosts has THE worst lag in COD history. IW insisted they were paying extra attention to lag before its release. That "attention" doesn't show. Future COD titles should only run on dedicated servers from now on. If BO3 doesn't run on dedicated servers, I'm not buying it.

3. Spawns. Egads! Horrible spawns, placing players right in front or behind enemy players. This is an obvious attempt to placate the whiners IW knew would surface because of the larger maps. Sadly, it's a horrible idea and it doesn't work in any way, shape or form.

4. "Ghosts". Ghosts is definitely a very appropriate name for this COD. Because NEVER before - until now - have I ever been killed by a player that DID NOT appear on my screen. Several times a day I am killed by a player - who shows up as being IN FRONT of me in the Killcam - but who doesn't appear on my screen at the time of the kill. Hence, "ghosts" being an appropriate term. I am literally being killed by "ghosts". I have never experienced this in COD until now. Ghosts is truly a broken game.

I am happy for you. Super happy that you're loving this game. I keep playing Ghosts hoping for fixes to come through and actually fix the problems Ghosts has. TWICE, on 11/22 and 11/29, we have been given patches to fix many things. Both times the patches were designed to provide "spawn logic improvements". And both times, the patches have FAILED to do this. Failed miserably.

Maybe you live near some of the servers that Ghosts is tied to. That would explain your "positive" experience with Ghosts. Maybe you're the lucky recipient of a link to one of the dedicated servers IW said they would start providing starting on 11/22. I don't know. And I don't care. What I DO know - and experience - is that Ghosts is playing like a beta. Horrible spawns. Horrible lag. People complain about over-powered weapons. My guess is that the LAG is creating the sense of the weapons being over-powered. I get "insta-killed" by the AK-12, HoneyBadger, MSBS, AXR-160 all the time. But - surprise - when I equip myself with the AK-12, Honey Badger, MSBS or the AXR-160 I don't get "insta-kills" Why not? I get insta-killed with these weapons, shouldn't I experience "insta-killing" with these same weapons? Yet, I don't. Why? LAG!!

I hope to join you in the "happy ending" column of Ghosts players. For now, I'm coming from reality. And the reality is that Ghosts is hampered by lag, horrendous spawning, and poor matchmaking. That's been MY experience. And I can only share MY experience. Have fun. I hope to have fun with Ghosts...someday.

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Re: The GOOD in Ghosts.

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Lol@ lag is OK if you are the enemy. That's funny. You do know that YOU are the enemy to everyone else right?

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Re: The GOOD in Ghosts.

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I saw that as well.. I lol'd

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Re: The GOOD in Ghosts.

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All of those points are apparent. Everyone knows that those things are problems. But give it another couple of months and the lag will be gone for the most part, and the spawns will have improved. It's a new game. You can't expect perfection right off the bat, ESPECIALLY with the next gen consoles coming into play. I lagged like a motherf*cker last night while playing on my PS4, but thats because of all the people in Europe trying to play at once since it launched for them yesterday. If you've played any other COD game on launch day, this shouldn't have came as a surprise. If your still having these problems in a couple of months from now, then that's one thing.

I don't want to come across as a guy who thinks that Ghosts is the best COD game ever. It's not. Not even close. But in my opinion, its better than BO2, and MUCH better than MW3. As far as im concerned, MW3 is an absolute atrocity, and Ghosts is simply a huge step-up from the last game IW released.

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Re: The GOOD in Ghosts.

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I disliked the game when I first started because i was a run and gunner and sprayer in BO2 to be honest.. This game with the huge maps made me completely change my game play but now I'm having so much more fun because it' takes some skill and some thought to what you are going to do and how you are going to get from point A to point B. 

The maps are good, I HATE Chasm map because there is just to many area's to try and watch but the rest I do enjoy. 

The perks and the new equipment is also something I do enjoy but I am not a fan of the prestige setup.  I guess it's a little better then BO2 where you had not a lot of reason to prestige but still there is not much to make me want to prestige all these people. 

I love the score streaks how they are not crazy over the top now and you really need to win this game with skill not just who gets the best streak the quickest. 

Lots of little bugs so far but with two hotfixes out in about a week shows me they are actively trying to fix the game up.. I honestly for one hope they do not come in with alot of small maps, keep to the same size as they have now and don't change this game into another black ops.

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Re: The GOOD in Ghosts.

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I love the contextual lean and the SLIDING!!!

If I went back to MW2 or 3 now, I'd be trying to lean round corners, slide into doorways, and wondering why it's not working. Can't live without it now.

A lot of people complain about the maps, but I think they are great. They are more realistic and open environments, instead of a 3-lane shoot-em-up. You actually have to move around with skill instead of run and gun reaction time down a corridor.


As this generation of gaming comes to an end, why not celebrate it by bringing back all the old maps from MW2 and 3 as a DLC for Ghosts?!

We paid for these games, but can't play them because of hackers. But if you bring them into Ghosts which has better security, we can play them again. It should be free for those who have previously owned the previous games.

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Re: The GOOD in Ghosts.

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Hey PistolLustHD, nice post, heres my reply: No, Its NOT Bad?!

I agree the guns are way more balance, but honey badger and remington top the leader board for sure! and the maps , the mapss are sooo much better than previous cods, theres so much more... stuff!

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