The Lynx a cannon class

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The Lynx a cannon class

Recently I decided to branch out into the sniper rifles in Ghosts for something different to do.  I have played both the bolt action ones and they are very typical sniper rifles. I favor the VKS myself, it has the same 1 hit kill area as the DSR from Black Ops 2 and comes with a built in silencer and the fire rate of the SVU.  I decided to give the other semiauto option a go and found it to be difficult. Basically, it handles like an LMG but fights like a sniper rifle. Then I cooked up this class and it got better.

Primary Weapon: Lynx

Attachments: Acog, Extened Magazine

Secondary: M9A1

Attachment: Extended Clip

Perks: Stalker, Agility, Ready Up, Focus, Extra Tactical

Equipment: Trophy System x 2

I tend to play a lot of mobile LMG builds in ghost and I decided to try treating the gun like one. The ACOG sight limits my range somewhat, but it also lets me keep my periferal vision.  I started walking with the gun keeping the sights up at all times with stalker. This is suprisingly effective with agility boosting me to 90% movemnt speed. I can corner people pretty well with the gun. Since I keep my sights up at all times I don't have to worry about the slow ADS of the gun.  Basically I ended up with an LMG with a small clip and a very lethal one hit kill. The extended mags gives me some more ammo to start with. The pistol serves the normal purposes and the two trophy systems allow me to hold down an area without needing the normal resistive camping perks.

This load out takes a little dicipline and has a harder time using the weapon at a really far range. However, I have found it to be rather competative for close ranges.  It doesn't get me Kem strikes, but I can hold my own with it.

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