The SVU, a review and some classes.

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The SVU, a review and some classes.

The SVU is the last weapon in the marksman rifles.  It is not the most popular of the pack but it works very well with a little practice.  The weapon shoots at 400 RPM with a damage of 68 to 52.  The weapons head shot multiplier will get a one hit kill to the head out to about 27 meters, otherwise it always kills in 2 shots to any part of the body.  The weapon's recoil is moderate but consistent going upwards and to the right.  With a little practice it's easy to compensate for.  The lower fire rate keeps this in check and results in a very consistent and accurate weapon.

The SVU suits the role of a mobile sniping and support weapon.  It lacks the broader 1 hit kill multipliers of the snipers, but has a higher rate of fire, better handling all around and considerably less recoil.  In short it's an excellent mid to long range weapon if you don't like the handling issues associated with the sniper rifles.  Below are two classes that suit the weapon well.  Both can be modified to your liking, but serve as a good start if you are unfamiliar with the weapon.

Class 1:

Primary: SVU

Attachments: Silencer, Acog or Thermal Sight

Secondary: M9A1

Attachment: Silencer

Perks: Extra Tactical, Off the Grid, Dead Silence, Focus

Lethal: IED

Tactical: Trophy system

The silecner is an excellent fit for the SVU.  It lowers your one hit kill headshot by about 7 meters, but otherwise, doesn't affect the weapons 2 shot kill at any range.  The default sights on the SVU are quite obtrusive which, means that you will most likely want an optic.  The SVU slow rate of fire and moderate recoil make it difficult to use at close range so you want a longer range optic, the Thermal or ACOG work the best.  The pistol is your close range backup and the M9A1 has the lowest damage drop so it has the best silenced performance. You want to run this class forcing engagements from middle range back if you can, but the pistol is a good close range back up.

The perks here merge with the silecner to offer you a complete stealth pack and keep you off the radar.  Focus is helpful because the weapon relies on accuracy to compete and focus keeps you on target.  This build is set up for a mobile steath sniping class or as an area defense class. You can switch between the two as needed. The IED helps watch your back while holding down an area and the pair of trophy systems help against incoming explosives. You could change the equipment to suit your play style or drop it for additional perks.

Class 2:

Primary Weapon: SVU

Attachments: Any optic, Extended Mags

Secondary: Any pistol

Attachment: Any attachment

Perks: Ready Up, Sleight of hand, Reflex, Focus, Quickdraw or Stalker

The SVU is perhaps best as a silenced weapon. However, it can be used more agressively if you are willing to be on the radar.  The SVU's irons sights are crystal clear and it's very usable with a red dot or Eotech as well. Still even unsilenced, you might be better off with a long range optic and fighting from a distance. The SVU's other weakness is a slower reload, sleight of hand and extended clip help to remedy this.  The pistol is helpful in closer quarters or if you find yourself with an empty magazine.  Any of them would suit the build so pick something to your preference.

Quickdraw or stalker improve the weapons handling and make it more competative since you don't have the benifits of stealth. Quckdraw is better for longer range builds and stalker suits the build better in close quarters. Again focus helps to keep you on target agaisnt incoming fire. Reflex is a strange choice on a class with a pistol and no equipment. However, you have a solid set of speed perks that would function well with any assult rifle, SMG, or Shotgun.  Reflex let's you exchange your pistol for any of them when the opportunity presents itself and they will offer a better performance than the SVU in closer quarters. Alternatively, you could drop reflex and sleight of hand and take both quickdraw and stalker if you don't mind having to rely on your pistol.  There are many other options you could use with this class, so feel free to experiment.  

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