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The Worst CoD to Date - CoD player for 9 Years, Pr...

First and foremost I want to say that I love Call of Duty and video games in general. I've been playing Call of Duty since CoD 2 on PC until it was released on the newer Xbox 360. I have played every CoD there is to date. I have played all CoD's from the original Call of Duty to Ghosts on PC, Xbox 360, and some on PS3. A little about myself is that many call me H9u, or simply H9. I have a long history of competitive gaming, a lot of it on Call of Duty. I've also hit max prestige on every Call of Duty with a leveling option. I have beaten every CoD on Veteran since CoD 2. So I have seen all aspects of the game; Campaign, Pubs, Competitive Multiplayer, etc. I want to share my opinion about this game. Hopefully many share my voice as well and it's not just me thinking this. Call of Duty has declined and that's obvious, but this game was the nail in the coffin for me.

I originally bought Ghosts for the PC thinking that IW would learn their mistakes from past releases such as MW2 and MW3 on the PC. It ended up being utter garbage that still hasn't been fixed. There is no FoV slider (an FoV slider allows you to change your Field of View and is seen on every FPS released on a PC today. Without a FoV slider on PC and due to the player sitting closer to the monitor, a set console FoV like 65 can cause nausea, headaches, and irritability). There was a capped frame-rate of 90 which is terrible due to today's demand of 120 Hz monitors. There was no dedicated servers like we were promised and the optimization that was on PC was utterly complete trash. There was a 6GB RAM lock. If you don't have 6 GB of ram, then you can't even open the game. The game utilizes about 2GB at max settings. I couldn't even play a game without micro-stuttering or frame-rate drops. It was an embarrassment to a classic on PC like CoD 4. Even when I was playing Extinction, it told me to hit the "A" button on the Xbox 360 controller. How bad can you port a freakin' game to PC? Now my PC is not state-of-the-art, but I can play any game at 1080p, 60 FPS. If you want to know my specs then PM, I'm not going into that. Anyways, Ghosts is a joke on PC, like I should have expected. I mean, at least learn something from your past two fail releases on PC and maybe you'll earn some more players. As to my console experience, I couldn't believe what I was playing.

When I bought the game for the 360 after being failed upon by the PC version I was actually excited. Most of my good friends were playing it and were already past the 1st prestige and I couldn't wait to play it. As I loaded up into my first game of 'Domination' and played it through, I didn't know what to think. I wasn't happy, I wasn't sad, I wasn't angry, but I was disappointed. It felt nothing like the Call of Duty I love. The animations, the time it took to kill somebody, the maps, etc. I felt like I was playing this game that was rushed in 6 months to meet a deadline. The maps are so big that on Free For All it actually takes a whole 10 minutes to finish a game before someone gets to 30 kills. Speaking of Free For All, it seem like this game forces you to camp. With the health being so low and the new stealth perks added to the game, it felt like I was dead from every little corner on the map. It was sad to see where IW is going with this game. The new 3.0 engine is terrible, plain and simple.  The game feels sluggish, slow, and unbalanced. It doesn't feel like the arcade CoD that I know and fell in love with. I see no avenue for competitive gaming as the new engine isn't the best fit. The game is slow, which means it won't be entertaining like Black Ops was on the Pro Circuit. I was watching the MLG Championships the other weekend and couldn't bare to watch a minute of it. The only exciting part was the SnD, like always, and when Puckett made a joke. Even Puckett made a remark to how bad the game is on the competitive side.

As for the campaign it's relatively decent. The addition of Reilly takes on a great vantage point and is interesting to use. It's not as challenging as lets say CoD 4 was on Veteran or even MW2, but it's fun as it should be. I saw some copy pasta, but maybe that's IW paying homage to their last good game . Extinction is mediocre. It's a fail attempt to bring something in last-minute to make sure gamers are getting their $60 worth.

Overall, I stated my reasons to why I think this is the worst CoD to date and that's because it doesn't feel like a Call of Duty. I fell in love with a fast-paced shooter that kept me up for hours trying to get to that next level. I know one person doesn't make a difference to their sales, but as a dedicated fan who stood through thick and thin and played Call of Duty 12 hours a day during the summer I can say that I won't be giving them my money for another one. The series is crumbling and without something to catch my attention, I'm uninterested. It's embarrassing to see how such a great series that made some of my all-time favorite games is crashing down. Hopefully I spoke for some of you dedicated fans out there as well. Peace and I'll see you all on the battlefield.

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Re: The Worst CoD to Date - CoD player for 9 Years...

I agree that this is by far the worst call of duty, they completely took the fun out of the series with these stupidly big maps, people play CoD for lots of fast paced action, if I wanted to play a drawn out game on a large map I'd play battlefield. The game play and the guns (few balance issues though) all feel very good, but it's just the god awful maps that has made me bored of this game. Of course it's inevitable that you will get bored of a game, but I've never been this bored this quickly of a call of duty game.

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Re: The Worst CoD to Date - CoD player for 9 Years...

Get up, knock the sand out of your vag and practice. I'm not sure why people are mad because bullets actually kill people in this game? Secondly, if you plan your route properly, you can rush in this game just fine. If you've been playing fps as long as you say, you should know how to adapt by now.

The good news is, if you just can't seem to find it in yourself to start the game with an open mind and no previous expectations, you can go back to smghipfire ops2.

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Re: The Worst CoD to Date - CoD player for 9 Years...

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Actually he's correct with the 6v6 max players limit these maps in general ARE too big. If it was raised to 8v8 then it might be a bit better. The game play itself in MP is terrible, the lag comp is obvious, the lack of ANY king of ANTI cheat code or monitoring is very much disappointing. One would have thought IW would have learned from MW3's mistakes but it appears they just don't care. There is one thing they do care about, that is $$. I for one will NEVER buy another IW title ever again.

And I hope that the creators of TitanFall are paying attention as this is their chance to overtake CoD and stomp it into the ground if they do it right.

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Re: The Worst CoD to Date - CoD player for 9 Years...

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One reason Titanfall won't stomp CoD to the ground? It's not on PlayStation. And IW CoD's are better than Treyarch's, because you actually have to work in order to prestige.

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Re: The Worst CoD to Date - CoD player for 9 Years...

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how have you had to work to prestige in any cod game? this isn't like halo where if you sucked you would get stuck at staff Sargent forever. all you have to do is play enough win or lose go positive or only get a single kill you will still always prestige eventually. that's not working for it that's just beating your head against a wall until someone finally just lets you around it. at least in older cods you got something for ranking up now who cares. once you prestige and move to your second squad member you should have enough points to buy everything off the bat that's really working in order to prestige.

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Re: The Worst CoD to Date - CoD player for 9 Years...

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You people really need to give up the "Titan Fall is going to kill COD" mentality. Think logically. As noted above, it's only on Xbox for one. Secondly, the dedicated COD fan base is so huge, it doesn't matter what IW/Treyarch release, they are going to buy it every year. Thirdly, Titan Fall is unproven. It's all a bunch of hype as of right now. What if the game comes out and absolutely flops? Titan Fall is more than likely going to be the next 'Halo' at best.  The day that Titan Fall outsells any COD game over the last few years is the day you can POSSIBLY talk about it taking out COD.

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Re: The Worst CoD to Date - CoD player for 9 Years...

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PistolLustHD schreef:

You people really need to give up the "Titan Fall is going to kill COD" mentality. Think logically. As noted above, it's only on Xbox for one.

It's also being developed for PC and if Respawn gives PC gamers the features they want you can be sure COD will be dead on PC.

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Re: The Worst CoD to Date - CoD player for 9 Years...

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I meant in terms of the consoles, it's only on Xbox. Sure, COD may take a hit when it comes to the PC, but primarily COD games are purchased for console use. A downward slide in PC sales doesn't mean much when 3/4 of the sales are for consoles.

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Re: The Worst CoD to Date - CoD player for 9 Years...

Call of duty ghosts is absolutely the worst game made in call of duty history. I mean the spawn points should have been fixed by now, after three weeks you give us such bull on this game. I mean i likevhow you guys lowered the dogs health but really why not increase the players health? The game is such bull i would love to sell it. By far i think they made a mistake releasing this game. They also said its going to be dedicated servers? all i see is bull shit host migrations all day long.

Step 1:Break the game

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