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It seems as a lot of the people here are coming to their senses about the franchise as a whole. Everything about this release points to inconsideration towards their fan base and a general lack of intensive to do anything but drain as much money as possible. I am going to do as most have done and compare it to BF4 launch and the response DICE had to its issues and the efforts they made as they became apparent. There seems to be no communication to the public about the issues at hand, it also seems as though they aren't prepared to handle the issues. Ghosts should not have been released with the problems it has now, how does a company who claims to have revolutionized and shaped FPS games as they are, miss what looks to be an apparent memory leak causing many of the players simply to be unable to play and also believe graphics that are quite sub-par to be anything paralleled with the idea of "next-gen" gaming are worth the requirements as were stated? To some it all up, one just has to ask what exactly does IW and Treyarch expect from a release that is in every way a train wreck to exemplify about their business and costumer practices. God forbid we bring up the idea of giving a little extra to the community that has supported them through all the other games, a perfect example is their terrible attempt at a Campaign mode, they obviously dropped in a cookie cutter story and took what little effort and put it all into the online. Most people will still spend their money on COD, most people will gripe and complain and just chalk it up to it being part of the business of video games, interestingly enough they also know that they are going to most likely do it next year as well.

Segueing from that, I'm still amazed at the sales record, while the hype was played well and obviously worked, I am still more amazed at the loyalty to this game itself when things like this are common and seemingly get worse per launch.

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Going to agree to most of this. They did hype it to be the next greatest thing and a new kind of COD. It was going to be the deal break with them pretty much, they didnt do so well.

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Yeah, as a BF player they actually won me over with their new customization system, perks, and such... They boasted a level of level of destruction, that I've yet to really see...  Oh besides a few spots that aren't to really noticeable lol... I even upgraded my computer to handle it even better so new gpu, +4GB of ram, just for it oh well... At least now I can play other games with an extra few fps'

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You're totally right. And the thing is, that in every BF game, if PC has some problem, DICE responds within 1-2 days to the public and players, tell them what's up and what they're looking to fix right away. While in CoD I KNOW that before I can play this game on max settings (currently playing on the lowest, just with the resolution of my monitor, due to really, really bad optimization) I will have to wait 1-3 months... With this many problems on the PC we can clearly see that they don't give a fuck about the PC. And they've incorporated PhysX to the game, there's no way to turn it off, which is a pain in the ass for AMD users, even for me it's a pain in the ass, can I have a NVIDIA. It's obvious that is game is terribly optimized since I can run BF4 maxed out on SP, and medium-high on MP <--- mostly to achieve 60fps most of the time.

I really hope they get their shit together and start fixing the PC version ASAP instead of working on DLC, etc. Because is it takes more than 1 month, I'll never buy an IW game again. Mabye I'll never even buy CoD again.

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I see what you're saying, but I disagree.

Ghosts is the most original COD since MW2 or BLOPS. BLOPS II was an abortion of a game that was miserable. MW3 was a rehash of MW2 but without the soul.

Look at Squads, Extinction mode, lots of huge maps, an emphasis back on gunplay > outrageous kill streaks, not having to dump half a mag into someone to kill them, guns other than SMGs aren't worthless, they've gotten rid of the ridiculous campy, arcade BLOPS II maps, etc... I would argue they've actually listened a tremendous amount, and the game reflects that.

Launch issues are really just going to be a reality any time a publisher launches a game that has massive demand. Look at SimCity, GTAV, etc...

There's only so much that can be tested before a game's release into the wild.

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Just because Ghosts has some new features, how many is it lacking and how many did they remove or not give options for? FOV, Physx, an ability to interact and destruct environments and the lack of HC modes are common topics, what about the character creation that they mislead most people on. Extinction is another version of zombies, same as MW3 had their own, nothing new and does it really work with the game it self? The maps may be larger but are all the same style, as for camping its all the same, there are always camping places and there are plenty in the maps released, there was no fix there and can't be.  While they may have added a lot of new things, most weren't done right and a lot was taken out that shouldn't have been touched.

Launch issues on the game aspect never have to be present, I can understand sever load and hardware stress issues ill estimated but the main issue of a memory leak? How does that constitute something that is okay to be released and with the low res graphics in comparison to other games. These are things that needed more time for optimization and coding instead of rushing to release it. You can test every aspect of the initial game it self, what you meant to say only so much locally can be tested and this is where Ghosts issues fall.

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I just think the calls for them to reinvent the wheel every year is a bit over the top.

There hasn't been a game in the history of the franchise since MW that has changed more things around. They added not one, but two brand new modes in addition to new game types.

There are always going to be things that we don't like about the game, but I feel like this criticism is way too harsh and entitled.

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CCouldn't agree more

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With next gen consoles about to launch the effort wasn't in creating an amazing product for a soon to be obsolete console. The effort was put to make the game look great on the new consoles. That's not to say Ghosts looks like crap, it doesn't. I have no issues at all with the performance of the game. I fail to see anything that needs immediately addressed.

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Respawns may need... at least a side glance ;-D

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