The spawn system is sucking enjoyment out of this game!

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The spawn system is sucking enjoyment out of this ...

I really do like this game. Sure it has a few issues but nothing major.

I can put up with the odd bit of lag, or people sitting in corners, or IEDs littering the ground.

But the one thing that is really starting to make me dislike the game a LOT is the god damn spawn system.

I don't get the odd bad spawn. I get multiple bad spawns on every single map I play on.

What's happened to IW fixing spawning? To me it's no better now than it was when the game first came out.

If an enemy is aiming down sights and you spawn into his line of sight then there's a MASSIVE fundamental problem with the spawn system.

I played a game today where I went around a corner and checked to see if there was anybody there and there wasn't. I then took a few steps, heard footsteps behind me and got shot in the back. The killcam showed the other player spawning where I'd just looked and so got an easy free kill.

This sort of thing should NEVER happen in a game.

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