Tired of These Hardcore Campers

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Like i said - your post was one of several or similar I saw on here - and especially just going through that laughable match that directly correlated to your topic - my intended few words on the subject - progressed to my annual release on the topic.

In fact because of your comments is why I felt I could safely respond in this thread on the subject, without getting, "Exactly what a F&*^$! camper would say!" or the usual dribble that regurgitates from less level headed individuals that believe they are how should I say, "All that and a bag of chips".

My statements are generalizing the topic and are in no way intended or directed at you specifically or any one person. I often bite my tongue during these conversations because I know it always has been and always will be discussed and never settled.as some individuals find it easier to class such tactics as weak and how some of them react, like the individuals are glitching/cheating or killed their loved ones or something. Rather then publicly admit they got their rear ended handed to them repeatedly. This gave me my annual release on the subject and for another year I can listen to the ranting and raving able to bite my tongue without getting into a never ending conversation that I know will be a waste.

For this I thank you, for giving me the venue to do so, intentionally or not.

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First off thank you for your service. Thank God for men and women like yourself.

Each match is different for me. If I run into a room full of campers,(meaning say 4 of 6 players camping) that is an invitation, for me to do the same to them.

The real discussion and what infuriates most rushers, but probably shouldn't, is that most campers can't or won't adapt their playing style. I say rushers shouldn't get angry because they have the abilities/skill set to adapt their playing style. Pure campers generally lack this skill set. If you can't shoot on the move your likely never going to be able to. Using tactics with your friends is one thing, but the solo camper, he can't have a friend draw that guy out for him and give his buddy a split second longer to kill that guy. I can, as a rusher, adapt to camp or hold an area of map. In fact, I do so often when the game dictates. In all honesty the only time I usually camp is when there are a room full of campers or partied up clan using well designed tactics. However, 1 or 2 campers on a team are likely going to add to my kill total.

The only campers that really bother me are the ones in objective mode games. The ones at the end of match that will have 30 kills and 2 deaths(perhaps up to 3 will be doing this) and lose the game 200-35 in domination because they never bothered with getting a flag.

Summing it all up I have no issue with campers, neither should anyone else, as they should have the ability to adapt and survive. I prefer to run as that to me is more personal than shooting a guy from behind a box or blown up car. But make no mistake I like winning the most and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

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Hah all right, I understand what you're getting at. And thank you sir for posting what you did, i hope many see that post and listen to what you have to say.

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Well said xPsychoZombiex !!!!

We should copy and paste your post every time someone complains about campers!

Make it a sticky!

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You, sir, are my hero for the day.

I couldn't agree more with every single word you wrote

But I love campers that don't move... ever. They get one kill on me before I respawn and launch a Kastet in their general direction.

And thanks for your service.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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Great post, thanks for taking the time to write it. Of course, I may be biased because I agree with 99.9% (gotta give myself some leeway) of what you wrote.

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Try HC Dom. At least most people move around AND you don't have the respawn delay. So you don't end up with that feeling of waiting to play instead of playing. Plus with the constant rush people tend to clean out the camping spots regularly.

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yeah me and my clan were getting pissed, because these kids just dont move! you have to check and freakin corner in that mode in order to play it.. they need to rename it "hardcore team camp match" the kids that play this game are just cowards

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I have the solution to the camping....I am a nube tuber, they might get me once......but then BAM grenade launched and I get cussed.....LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

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