Trade Strategy and Tactics: Counter-Camper Edition

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Trade Strategy and Tactics: Counter-Camper Edition

Before "campers" get upset they are being picked on again, this thread is not meant to pick on anyone. Actually, I'm hoping we can begin to simmer some of the rage against campers. I think both camper-haters and campers can learn from each other how to improve their game, whether that means becoming a better camper ... or becoming better at beating campers.

The ragers are going to rage and the flamers are going to flame this thread. There's nothing we can do to prevent that. Nonetheless, this is not meant to disparage anyone. It is meant to take suggestions and offer suggestions on how to get better at Call of Duty. I ask that everyone be patient with persons that are upset or angry ... because the community has been patient with me at times. For that matter, I think we've all been shown some patience here and there.

Anyway, I'm hoping to have the time to do other threads like this dealing with various aspects of the game. This is not about things that need to be fixed. Assume everything is working as it should. If you bring that attitude to this thread, keeping an open-mind to other strategies and tactics than what you've used so far, I think you'll see that some members of the community have very helpful advice.

Those things said, we start with what seems to be the most popular strategy or tactic being used in Call of Duty today ... hate it or love it, camping is the biggest issue in COD today.

I'm going to say that I believe there are three main types of campers. What I am about to post, I have seen in every single COD from MW through the current Ghosts. Although I do not start this thread with much in the way of dealing with players using these tactics, I'm hoping all of us can contribute to counter-camping tactics. I employ way too many to list in an opening post. Like I said, though, campers can learn from this, as well, because they can see where they are making mistakes. Here goes ...

- Corner Camper (we'll call this guy the CC)

- Team Camper ( we'll call this the TMC).

- Skilled Camper (we'll call this one SC)

Both the TMC and SC types of camper have a subcategory each.

- Team Anchor Camper (TAC)

- Pro Skilled Camper (PSC)

Corner Camper - I'll start off by saying these guys are usually either new to Call of Duty in general or they have either a temporary or permanent physical handicap that keeps them from having the confidence to take on opponents in a fast paced, hectic environment. As an older player I think I can get away with saying that some CCs are older players who do not feel they have the reaction speed necessary to get thoroughly involved in face to face combat. Unless you're totally heartless, I think it is also necessary to point out that there are people that play COD who do not have all their limbs. As some of you saw with the thread I shared recently, there are actually people that play the game ... one handed. Do you really want to be the person that says, "Hey, crip, you aren't allowed to play the game"? Contrary to popular belief, there is less than a 50% chance that this guy is actually using stealth perks. The absolute main goal of the CC is to stay alive. In his mind, his odds of staying alive are improved by perks and other load out options that will keep him alive, not gain him kills. This player does a lot of things that hurt his chances of survival.

There are ways to deal with CCs. No offense to CCs, but these guys are the least skilled players ... or they believe they are. Either way, the habits they have make them fairly easy to deal with - if you're open minded. We'll get into that later.

Team Camper - At first glance one might be inclined to believe the TMC should always be looked at in plural form. That's not the case, however. The TMC can camp alone, he can camp with one or two teammates, or his entire team can camp. The TMC almost always camps in order to earn streak rewards. He will camp in order to help a teammate earn a streak reward. He can coordinate his efforts verbally or he can operate alone; either way, his intent is to get streak rewards for the team, whether his own or a teammate's.

Team Anchor Camper - Pretty much the main focus of this guy is to control his team's spawn points. There's much more to him, but that is his number one goal.

Skilled Camper - The SC is the guy that the community debates most. Is he really a camper? Is he just a strategic player? Who knows. Because I have no problem with people choosing to camp (whether or not the game offers OP incentives for teams to do so is not the debate here - for those that may say I'm being hypocritical), I have no problem with classifying this guy as a full blown camper. Although many people hate the CC, it is actually the SC that causes them more damage than any other camper. One of the things that makes the SC skilled is the fact that he relies heavily upon psychological warfare. He will trick you into thinking he is somewhere he is not. He knows how the kill cams work so he will kill you in a manner that makes you think he simply got the best of you. This guy is excruciatingly patient ... to the tune of letting opponents pass without killing them - just to make sure that opponent is not being followed by another opponent. The SC can and will camp anywhere he takes a notion to doing so ... and he will succeed in doing so. This is the guy that is most likely to use stealth perks.

Pro Skilled Camper - The PSC is the SC on steroids. A key difference between this guy and the SC is that the PSC will not roam the map. The SC will switch from camping to RnG to camping at will depending upon the flow of the match. The PSC will not. The PSC will hold down his camp zone regardless of anything else happening in the match. The PSC knows the perks, the weapons, the lethals, the tacticals - he knows all of it inside and out. He may or may not run stealth but most likely he won't. He does not need stealth. He wants you to come try to get him. IMO, unless you are a high KDR, seasoned veteran ... the best option to use when up against a PSC?

Avoid him.

So that starts this discussion. These categories of campers, in my experiences, have strengths and weaknesses. My list here goes from easiest to counter to the most difficult. However, they ALL can be countered.

The absolute best tool in your arsenal?


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Re: Trade Strategy and Tactics: Counter-Camper Edi...

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This really does break down people who camp nicely. My best ways of dealing with them are the following:

Corner Camper: They really just kind of crack me up more than anything. I can just picture the person in real life sitting there holding down the left trigger, just staring intently at the TV. Unless you truly are missing a limb, i honestly don't see the enjoyment of sitting in a corner ADS the whole game. That's just me though. Anyway, two words: Canister. Bomb. That usually does the trick for me when it comes to these folks. Get killed once, watch killcam, canister bomb, done deal.

Team Camper: I enjoy these kinds of campers, because once i find out that there is one, i simply take the long way around the map to take them out along with the rest of them if there are others. Triple+ kills ahoy.

Team Anchor Camper: These usually don't bother me, as usually it's just a guy trying to find a safe spot to throw his care package down. It is hilarious killing one when they have a package coming in and you steal it though, especially when they have a mic on.

Skilled Camper: These guys are kind of like the Corner Campers in the sense that for me personally, one chuck of a canister bomb usually does the trick. It may take me a couple of tries, but they usually stay in the same room/area, just in a different part of it.

Pro Skilled Camper: Well, i have been playing COD for a few years now (since MW2) so i do have a rather decent amount of experience when it comes to these guys. They are a pain in the ass, no denying that, but the best way to take them out is to simple have patience and be careful. You know that they are only in a certain area. The best way to take care of them is to wait for a team mate to blindly run in as bate, and catch them off their guard while they are reloading. Either that, or simply scope out the area and peek as carefully as you can from any vantage point possible. You know that they move around after each kill, that usually means they are on the opposite side of the area they were last.

Regardless, this was a nice breakdown as noted earlier. Well done

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Re: Trade Strategy and Tactics: Counter-Camper Edi...

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The best way to take care of them is to wait for a team mate to blindly run in as bate,

I may have understated the PSC. I rarely run into these guys. I run into a good number of TMCs that think they are PSCs, but the real deal is a real bytch. But what you suggest here is the best way I've found to deal with them. Only, I've had to take it further than that at times. I've had times where I let 4 or 5 teammates get killed by this guy - with my team screaming at me in the process - for no other reason but to get the PSC relaxed in his confidence. It is a very heavy price to pay in order to take this guy out, but a key component to this guy's strategy his psychology. Once he knows there's an opponent that is capable of taking him out, he becomes so cautious that he largely becomes ineffective for his team.

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