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That's why, if such a thing happens, then it's a mechanical issue with the game itself, not a "power" problem that requires buffing.

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That's a technical problem, a glitch if you will. Nothing about the statistical capabilities of the weapon are what's causing it to not protect you from the front.

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     Ah, I was a little confused off the get go.  The weapon doesn't need a buff, it's just not functioning correctly.  We were getting incredibly weak lobbies the other night, so I started to run the riot shield just to try it out.  At times it worked pretty good, other times people seemed to shoot right through it.  I was thinking AP rounds penetrated the shield (which is fine if they do) but I didn't find anything to confirm this.  The thing is hard to get kills with and the bash often misses.  These issues fall under the mechanics not working properly, rather than the thing needing buffed.

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Me? I prefer Bananas.

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Thats what she said............


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Good post Ghamorra. I'm a FPS noob trying to find strategic insight in this forum. Mainly what I've found is whining, but there is some good stuff. Your posts on camping were great.

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