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Don't bash on a player just because of their K/D stay mature. I didn't like Hard Point because the spawns didn't switch with the objective I do like the concept though.

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completely agree, first cod experience was black ops II and demolition was my favourite game mode

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CTF - Core and Hardcore; 3 captures, halftime, then 3 captures, include overtime. Improve the spawns, and don't put a giant sign on the guy holding the flag. World at War had the best CTF - it actually took team work to win (Treyarch)

Headquarters - My entire clan was surprised this was not included.

Big Team Battle - I don't care if the servers will not be able to handle it (utter BS).

Have every game mode that is in Core also in Hardcore.

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Leave team tac alone.. I get sick of the brainless 6v6+ styles its not really fun playing with my one friend i normally play with and having to carry 4 brainless randoms... Its much easier to make a real impact in a 4v4 with 2 people then it is in a 6v6 And its nice to get a rotation in the maps\game types.. however take out the joke of a game mode SnR and replace it with SnD And take out KC.. its not tactical.. AT ALL

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they are adding clan vs clan so team tac don't need to be here

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Yeah I don't understand why the heck they would remove game modes that have been around for years and have an established fan base. Hunted/Infected/Blitz are pretty bad and hardly played.

I would love to see these game modes in Ghosts:
1. Demolition

2. Headquarters

3. Capture the Flag

4. HC Search and Destroy (Search and Rescue but not SnD???)

5. HC modes for Demo/HQ/CTF

6. Sabotage!!

I really hope they bring back some of those soon. Cranked is fun for a few games at a time because they're quick, but everything in this game just feels like you should run around and worry about kills. There is no strategy involved, and hardly any objective modes. If people say games like Demolition are camp fests/spawn kill fests, they haven't played Blitz. At least with Demolition, there are two bomb sites so teams are split between the two if they want to camp, but in Blitz I've had too many games where the team scores to go ahead then all 6 camp. But seriously, if people don't like the game mode, don't play it, but to have IW remove it? Also, barely anyone plays Infected and Hunted. Infected is kind of fun, but Hunted is plain stupid and easily could be replaced. 26 people were playing Hunted yesterday, compared to 2200 for Domination. I've played CoD since MW1 and I'm just amazed at how IW could remove so many successful game modes and replace them with watered-down, boring types that no one plays. If anything, add game modes, but DO NOT REMOVE game modes!!

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infected is a awesome game mode for drunken fun. its my go to drinking game with my buddys why take it out? and blitz is the best game mode ever don't be mad bc your not good at it. and last i checked i never had a problem find games in thoes modes. they are new and have a growing fan base. im sorry if your upset bc some kid running a shotty destroys you in blitz bc all you do is camp. its one of the only game modes the try to descurages camping. ive seen more campers in cranked than blitz.

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