We rely on radar WAY too much

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"Saying that kids are the only ones that do those things is flawed."

Hate to break this to you but, that wasn't said.

"And there are some kids that are far better than most adults that play this game."

Sure why not.

"What I am stating is a simple fact that neither console has more mature players".

Ok, its a fact. (that was sarcasm)

"Just because you have run in to more on one or another does not make your assumption any more valid."

I agree with you there. However if you read, i added that note simply because i would consider the OPs stance if he was on Xbox. I guess nothing has moved on and one should always add 'in my experience' to the end of sentences. Cheers.

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We? Maybe some.

Smart players use it as a tool and nothing more. They are not dependent on it, but use it effectively in game when needed.

"Being Human totally sucks most of the time.

Videogames are the only thing that make life bearable."

-Anorak's Almanac, Chapter 91, Verses 1-2
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Unfortunately, "smart" players are a lot rarer than one would think.

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I wish complaining about the Radar was rarer.

Intel is key.

"Being Human totally sucks most of the time.

Videogames are the only thing that make life bearable."

-Anorak's Almanac, Chapter 91, Verses 1-2
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I dont really care for HC, its not the damage or friendly fire, its the mini-map. I depend on it way too much, and I do miss obvious things. I'll be looking at the mini-map and run into an enemy who knifes me, internally i say 'what the hell?', then i think and realize, were are my eyes? Gotta love and hate the mini-map.

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Radar is great for any Arcade shooter. It keeps players moving. Lack of radar in Ghosts is the primary reason it is severely underpaced for a COD. Personally, I'd rather play with over dependent radar users running around with a false sense of confidence than with players too afraid to move because players could be hiding anywhere.

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Yea this the problem Thom. I think they wanted to increase the difficulty and change the playstyle a bit. In doing so they risk tedium for a portion of the playerbase.
I personally like the balance they achieved since you are still able to play any style you like, abeit, some more difficult than others.
Sit-Rep and Amplify has helped me to do all the running.

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The radar can be of use without a satcom up.  By looking at where my team is located and with the assumption that the other team is spawning where nobody is I head, or face, in that general direction.  If a blue dot disappears I assume that the area is 'hot' and where the action is. The non-information becomes better if you are in a stable lobby as most randoms will take the same routes through the a map Game after game as it comes up.

Granted most of my play is with a party of 4-6 on weekends and 2-3 during the week which makes life a lot easier as we have developed our clearing strategy for most maps and everybody has a role with weapons ranging from Shottys Through the LMGs with an occasional sniper rifle on the larger maps.  Ultimately this game is no different then most of the previous versions.  Control the maps, control the spawns to keep the action in front of you and have overlapping arcs of fire with a dash of luck and most people will have success.  Of course this all goes out the window arounf 11pm on weekends when most of my party is through a 12-pack of beer or a fifth of whiskey.

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I 100% agree with this. I use the sat comm to identify where my team is more than the enemy...

... but I'm used to no mini-map having played HC 90% of the time for years.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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     Been wanting to see the decoy grenade make a comeback.  Fishing is fun.

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