What happened to Infected and customizability?

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The title pretty much speaks for itself.

What happened to Infected?

Back in MW3, me and my friends use to always play Infected. No, not public matches, and that's actually an important point. We as a group of friends unanimously agreed public infected with throwing knifes, radar, bad load outs, poor perks for infected, etc. Completely ruined it. Public infected was terrible, but private matches of it was mindless fun. (No, this isn't a thread asking for drastic changes to public infected, but that would also be very nice).

My question is why did Infinity Ward butcher the customizability and freedom of making your own game modes and custom classes. In infected, I can hardly do anything to change up the mode. You can't edit the classes, well you can, but you always just get the bulldog anyways. The game doesn't honor and apply the options you've selected, neither humans or AI get the class you specifically chosen. How come you can't have people spawn as Juggernauts anymore also? Before I got this game and heard about the Maniac, I really wanted to try a maniac-only game mode and mess around with it.

And why in Private Matches can you only have a max of 8 people? Why hy have the limitation? Why can't I be able to play with all my friends? Why only 8? (Actually only 7 because the limit number includes myself.)

On the extremely slim chance that a dev or someone reads this, please fix these two things. Public infected is already bad enough, not allowing us to play how we actually want to in a private match is worse.

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