What is up with the Squads?

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What is up with the Squads?


Are you having te same problem?

This is just my experience. Well i play squad assault. Every time i have a 18/19 score streak some punks usually 2 at the time challenge my squad while im battle against some one else. I always lose those battles. Cause i do 3 battles at the same time? So my score streak will be resetted to 1. Today i had a lag switcher on search and rescue, en some guys who can teleport there or my bots to the complete other side of the map. ( how do you see that ? Names are flying across the map!)  I also have experience that some games the other guys bots are completly invissible. ( i always do the comparisation )

It would be better when only 1 person at the time could challenge you, and not while you are playing yourself. My bots 90% lose the fight because im not there ( doesnt matter wich loadout i'll give them ) And if i win then with 1 or 2 points differences.

1) Still mad about the exploits

2) Now every game mode cheaters

3) How are you experiencing the game.

Plaese guys/girls/kids/people/everyone, let me know how you feel about this.

Maybe some tips and tricks..

Have a good one.


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Re: What is up with the Squads?

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i agree with you at most points on this topic.

1: first they tell that the bots do the same thing you do in multiplayer now thats not true its now more bots lose each time from real players.

2: bots not use support kill streak that suxs to.

3:i see squat assault more for squat levelen then for the challenge.

4:its no use what for loadout you use each time your squads bots lose each match on there own.

thats more my problem i see in squad assault so far thats more boring.

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Re: What is up with the Squads?

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In Squad Assault you are not playing against any humans (when you are playing). Conversely, when you are offline, and your squad is challanged, your opponent is playing against your AI 6. 

You set up your AI for loadout, perks, etc in Squads create a soldier.

I am only a couple of days in - my squad report shows 1 win 3 loses.

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