What's your favorite handgun?

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I thought I would post a quick survey type discussion asking what everybody's favorite handgun is in the game.  What one do you prefer and what attachment(s) do you like on it?  Do you use it strictly as a fall back weapon or do you use it as an alternate weapon for closer quarters when your primary doesn't compete well?  Also feel free to post your opinion if you prefer an underslung shotgun, a launcher or if you think secondary weapons are something you don't often use and you just want the extra perk point. 

Normally, I personally play with a handgun, 2 to 3 grenades and a primary weapon.   I will usually bring reflex and extra tactical into my perks and rely on my secondary for tighter quarters rather than trying to adapt my primary weapon through using handling perks. My prefered secondary is the Magnum with the Acog sight and the tactical knife if the extra attachment perk fits into my loadout.  I find the gun easier to aim with the ACOG sight and the tac knife gives me a quicker stab if I need fight in close quarters or the cynalder runs dry.  I sometimes also use the M9A1 with a silencer if I am building a stealth class as the magnum doesn't handle too well supressed.

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I like three of them the M9A1 and the P226 and the 44 Magnum I don't like the PDW and MP pistol because they are a little too weak to actually use as a primary or close quarter weapon.

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The sad fact is that I haven't gotten to use the Secondaries much.

In order to combat campers effectively, I've had to remove the secondary in favor of perks.

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P226 with silencer all the way.

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The three shot is the only one I use, but only on Stonehaven with my sniper rifle. And that's because I've never been a pistol gamer.  I'm one of them hated NUBE TUBERS!!!!!!!

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Magnum i dunno hahaha

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