What's your favorite weapon, and why?

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What's your favorite weapon, and why?

     I hear a lot about people's least favorite weapon, but not about the favorites.  Why is it that you gravitate towards one weapon more than another? 

     For me, I really like the SA-805, and the Vector.  The SA-805 has a decently high fire rate, and a very consistent time to kill.  3 shots up close, 4 shots at a distance.  I can put a silencer on it, and it works really well for me.  Plus, I don't mind the iron sights, and the kick is relatively easy to control once you figure it out.

     The Vector is kinda weird, but I love it with a silencer and rapid-fire.  Because of how much damage it does, rapid-fire makes up close times to kill very fast.  The kick is mostly vertical, and I can hip-fire spray if I need to.

     In about a week or so, I'll be putting up another thread about the most used guns in Ghosts, based on people's "preferred weapon" in their combat record.  I'm aware that the preferred weapon isn't always their favorite, but it's decently accurate.

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Re: What's your favorite weapon, and why?

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There actually have been favorite weapon threads before.

Personally, I can't really pick just 1 single weapon above all the others, so I'll go by class.

Assault Rifle: FAD or AK-12
Sub Machine Gun: Vector CRB
Light Machine Gun: M27 IAR
Shotgun: Bulldog or FP6
Sniper Rifle: Lynx
Marksman Rifle: IA-2 or M14 EBR

And I think it's safe to say that most people will have the AK-12 or Remington R5 as their most used weapons, lol.

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Re: What's your favorite weapon, and why?

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M27 kicks ass,great weap

ive found that AK 12 is a good one too,not always the most expensive that is the best.

VEPR under rated imo not a popular choice for many players.

Riot shield - should be used to make roofing to help the homeless! has 1 use,in infected when hiding in a dumpster talkin to the gnome!

also in scopes,cant beat red dot or naked,tracker is like usin a mobile fone,the pop scopes look cool in killcam but thats a huge trade off for peripheral vison.

Honey badger also useful.

like to see more booby trap weaps instead of grenades & stuff.

Semtex & IED still tops

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Re: What's your favorite weapon, and why?

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MR-28 and the SA-805. These are my long and close(er) range weapons of choice. I use the ACOG with both and a silencer on the 805 only.

Xboxahoy IMO did a great review of these two weapons (and I agree with his reviews on the MRs as a hole). The MR-28 RoF allows you to be more aggressive than any of the MR rifles. Combined with it's damage, handling and accuracy, it is by far the best MR for someone who likes to use the semi-autos and likes to move a fair amount. Combined with the ACOG, it gives you a distinct advantage at mid to long range against all opponents except those using a sniper rifle. Compared to rifles of the same class the RoF and handling more than make up for the range deficiencies it has against the IA2, MK14 and SVU.  

The 805 is the best silenced AR. Good rate of fire and low damage drop off when using the silencer allows it to be used in close and mid range engagements very effectively. The RoF allows you to spray when you need to in close quarters combat. The recoil at range can become a problem which is why I use the MR-28 on the mid sized and larger maps, unsilenced.  The one thing I would strongly recommend if you go unsilenced is a good headset and amplify because when you don't  use a silencer on the mid size maps they can come at you in waves. And with the longer ADS times and poor hip fire you need to be prepared to survive the onslaught.

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Re: What's your favorite weapon, and why?

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The AK is the mother of all weapons, and the Remington is just OP.

My fav weapon is the SA-805 too but the AKs keep trashing me badly so I'm kinda forced to play with an AK, and then the Remingtons have better TTK than the AKs so the Remingtons are now my issue since they have better range, less overall recoil and more wall penetration, so you gunfight a Remington with an AK-12 both with same attachments and behind cover, the Remington is more likely to win, and if that's at long range, the Remington will win over any other AR.

Good news is: at close range most ARs outrun Remingtons, so the ARs are not that imba. ^_^

As per other weapons: Tac 12, VK7, The SMG with the armor piercing mod (never used it, but every time I pick it up I feel like I just got a minigun out an ammo crate), the Ameli (another I never used but love to pick up) and the IA-2.

(Sorry for not knowing the names, too many numbers and weird letters combos -_-' ). Haha (=

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Re: What's your favorite weapon, and why?

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This is my most used weapon, and also my complete favorite.

The MTS-255.

It's an extremely sexy and fun to use gun for me. It also matched the way I use shotguns.

It's an effective middle-grounder for the manual vs semi shotguns. It has enough range to get some decent kills, and it also has semi-auto goodness. I like the sights as well. I also think it's the few good-looking guns when you have gold camo on it.

Has anyone else noticed the gold camos getting less detailed? I think BO1 was the best, very reflective and includes pretty black details. From Bo1->MW3->Bo2->Ghosts, it seems that the gold camos are now more just copied and pasted over the gun. It doesn't have the extra detailing, (the black/gold color scheme from Bo1,) it's just a plain gold-on-everything.

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Re: What's your favorite weapon, and why?

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I dunno, I usually found the gold camos to be pretty ugly overall. They just never appealed to me on any weapons.

It also seems to cause a lot of inflated egos by those who use it in thinking that by running around with it on, it somehow automatically labels them as "skilled" when, really, ANYONE could eventually get them by sheer grinding.

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Re: What's your favorite weapon, and why?

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my "favorite" guns are more connected to particular maps, which is why I actually enjoy this game unlike black ops 2 where every match was a visit to crazy town and you never knew what nonsense was going to fly your way next.  You can actually have a consistent strategy in this game, unlike BLOPS2 (my favorite CODs are BLOPS1 and Ghosts FWIW). 


Strikezone = Bulldog Ext Mags/Muzzle Brake

Stormfront/Prison Break/Warhawk/Octane = M27 Grip/Thermal

Other "fave" guns are categorized by the key attachment

Silenced AK-12, SC-2010

Gripped SA-805

Thermal IA-2, SVU, Remington, LSAT

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Re: What's your favorite weapon, and why?

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My favorite gun is the LMG Chain SAW. It's such a fun gun to use. It's not over-powered. It's just fun. I don't see a lot of people play it online. Makes me feel special ^_^. My second favorite is the Marksman Rifle SVU. Very stylish gun. Kills everything in two shots.

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Re: What's your favorite weapon, and why?

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I'm a huge fan of the MK14 EBR. I loved it in MW and have always tried to use it as much as possible if it's included in a release.

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