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Re: Win by a lot, lose by a lot

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Rexens_View wrote:

However even if YOUR ping/connection is stable, the host or other players may not be.

EG: One guy is lagging bad so I have to adjust my aim/gun to properly combat him. I then run into a different, low lag player and if I use the same method then I will not be as successful against that player.

This creates confusion and doubt in how you are approaching the gameplay.

This throws your game out and a shitty experience occurs.

In my experience, Rexens, when what you describe is happening, there WILL be a host migration. That being the case, I switch to my most stealthy CAC and go hide in a corner until the migration takes place. I've even downed myself intentionally in order to facilitate the camp.


I guess that depends one's own perspective. I don't see it as cheap.

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Re: Win by a lot, lose by a lot

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Nah your dead on Nuttin.

That's how I approach my games too, I am trying to teach this to some of our raging clan members who bitch and moan that they are getting out played when they only use 3 classes....

I use all 10 so I have differing setups to counter numerous playstyles/lag/gamemodes and skill levels.

In this game you have to really adapt on the fly to stay ahead of the enemy.

Have them try to counter your CAC not the other way around.

What really sucks is the lag like you described as "not quite right" where the lag is barely noticeable.

This is what I meant about adjustments and how hard it is to accurately modify your timing etc to reflect.

As every player lags differently it is frustrating trying to adjust to certain players lag especially as you don't know which player is which until you either kill them or die from them.

Perfect example is a quickscoping battle we had last night.

1 player had very bad rubber-banding, another had moderate and the other had none.

As they all look the same it is near impossible to tell which one you have to adjust alot to and the one who you can shoot when right on target.

When every millisecond counts (such as QS or HC) such varying pings make it frustrating to gauge timing.

One good perk/s to somewhat help counter lag is Stalker and /or Rapid Fire as you can strafe back and forward across them to try cover lagging hitboxes with increased bullets down range.

When what you describe is happening, there WILL be a host migration

Hmm I would like to agree but I very rarely see host migrations. It usually occurs after the match or not at all for me.

If I run into lobbies when I am lagging too badly I just leave now.

No point banging your head against a wall.

I wouldn't call it cheap, it's just survival in no-mans-land of lag.

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