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I am 27 years old.I have played every Call of Duty online multiplayer (Xbox Live) since Call of Duty 4.  Although each title had their own particular issues, i.e. bad spawns, lag issues, guns/perks, etc... as a player you learn to adjust to them. I have enjoyed playing almost all Call of Duty games online...some more than others of course.

Multiply player for COD Ghosts is different.  It is NOT ENJOYABLE to play in my opinion.

I truly used to look forward to playing online multiplayer...naturally after playing the hell out of the game I would generally loose interest after 8-10 months, just in time for the release of the next COD title.

Here I am within 5 months of Ghosts release, with about 4.5 days played, I find it almost unplayable.  Not too mention 70% of the people I have played Call of Duty online with for the last six years do NOT play this title at all.  I understand people change, but something is JUST OFF with this game.

I'm an extremely competitive player. I have always been good at Call of Duty (maintain a 2.27 k/d in Ghosts...and yes I play ALL game-modes) I play to win of course, but it has to be fun and competitive. 

Lag, bad spawns, etc.. go hand-in-hand with all Call of Duty online multiplayer, I get that, I am not bitching about that at all.

It seems players relatively new to the Call of Duty online multiplayer experience find Ghosts amazing.  I truly keep giving it a chance.  Now, I find myself waiting days, if not weeks in between playing Call of Duty and one who likes online shooters, that just sucks big time.

I have not lost my passion for online shooters.

I can not figure out exactly what is "off" about Ghosts?

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Posted this elsewhere but seems to apply here too...

What aggravates me about Ghosts is that it has the potential to be one of the best CODs yet, the hit detection is great, movement is smooth, next to zero host migrations, lag is minimal most of the time, at least for me and it never was in previous cods, it was always bad,  but, why do  these studios never learn???

I went back and played BO1, 2, MW2, and MW3 recently, they all had people sitting in corners, with claymores, bettys, headglitching, not moving, the same complaints we hear about Ghosts.

Every COD has some ridiculous BS the Devs put into the game for some reason only they know, BO had lag, along with 2nd chance and Ghost pro, BO2 had the Remington SG, the Snipers, the dreaded target finder,  pistols out shooting LMGs, unlimited C4 and EMP spam, and horrible camera angles thanks to the lightweight perk. cluttered maps with stacks of something at every corner to head glitch behind..
MW3 had stupid death streaks, the Stealth Bomber and once again, bad lag, and once again,  cluttered maps with stacks of something at every corner to head glitch behind.....MW2 had Danger close, one man army NOOb tube crap, commando kinfie lunge, heartbeat sensors, last stand,

Now we come to ghosts and what do they do, they don't learn from past mistakes, they bring back the thing that IMO ruined MW2, danger close!!

The noob tubes and C4 with Danger close are out in full force, and once again, they give players superhuman speed with agiility, which screws up the camera angles again, SMG and SG users already run faster than other weapon loadouts, so why???

And once again, you can be shooting a guy who is 10 feet from you, and be knife lunged instantly, ridiculous...

Then they add the OP Thermal scope, with such clarity and Zoom, and apparently they didn't learn from BO2, so they throw in the tracker sight for good measure.....

All the cods had some crap maps, in Ghots we get 2 of the absolute worst in Free fall and stormfront, but need I mention, crisis, downturn, aftermath, turbine, and on and on


IMO, Ghosts is a solid game that runs fairly well,  that has once again, a load of crap put into it that  the players choose to use.

It's not the game itself,  for the most part, its the players that make the gameplay bad,  by using the crap the Devs put in the game,

My 2 Cents..

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   Good post. It seems most people forget there was bs in any other game the day they start playing the newest one.

    Personally, I dont have an issue with that stuff though.   I think that bs stuff makes the game interesting. Honestly ..... I was disappointed when they dropped the second chance type perks. Not because of my use of them, but because it just added that unexpected suprise when you'd drop somne dude and he'd start firimng back from the ground. One of my most memorable times in cod was back in blops on havanah .... I shot some dude and he fell into sc .... I ducked into a corner to reload and realized the only way back out was guarded by this dude scooting around on his butt with a pistol. ... in hardcore mode yet. It made for a nice 15 or 20 second battle trying to get back out of the corner .... I think I lost it even. But even losing a 15 or 20 second battle  is more fun than shooting a dude in the back of the head any day.

     some people get enraged by that kind of thing. I just find it challenging and somewhat funny at times even.

    But the bs needs to be there for another, way more important reason. .... egos .... nobody wants to admit they get outplayed .... yet everyone has to die sometimes and lose some times, or else winning loses its flavor. Bs killstreaks / equipement / perks etc allow that to happen. Its never your fault when you die from some bs reason. You dont have to take the blame ... it doesnt mean anyone is better than you ..... your ego can remain intact and the death/loss just makes you more determined to play more becuase you know sooner or later you are going to get that streak or whatever you so well deserve.

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Maybe Ghosts lacks the adrenaline or endorphins that you're accustom to with other CoDs? Or possibly reaching your CoD fatigue limit that I've witnessed with other veterans.

I really enjoy Ghosts. Especially on big maps that give me time to stay alive and try to out think the enemies routes and position. As well as being great maps for the effectiveness of marksman and sniper rifles. Brings me back to WaW with maps like Seelow and Outskirts.

We all have our own experiences with connectivity. Lag has really been a non-issue for me besides some rubberband lag I had the  first couple months. I mostly play tdm and there are definitely random spawns that are more than comical, but thats just it, I try to laugh it off. I know if its happening to me, its happening to the enemy as well.

Any new player to CoD is going to fall in love no matter the title. We have seen lots of ups and downs with certain games. We know what we like and dislike. The only way to keep enjoying and playing, is to roll with the decisions the devs make and appreciate the changes. Not an easy task, but really works for me.

Edit: Thanks for teaching me a new word. "opine". Find that happens a lot around here..

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Edit: Thanks for teaching me a new word. "opine". Find that happens a lot around here..

Completely agree!

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I find Ghosts boring as well. There is no reward for anything and there's an unfortunate lack of variety in game play. The level up and unlock system is horrible, IMO. Having everything available at level one leads to lack of variety causing stale play. It feels like theres 2 main groups of players in Ghosts. Those who exploit all the cheap, easy to use weapons, attachments, equipment, tactics, class setups. Then you have the people that are forced to use the same classes all the time to counter these cheap tactic players. I'm sure there are those who will be happy to "adapt and overcome", which I do often. Personaly, I find it boring to constantly use the same counter classes.

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