why i dislike ghosts and some issues

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why i dislike ghosts and some issues

so since this was announced I was hoping that this game was going to be great and better than the last titles , I even went the extra mile and went to the EuroGamer Expo and played the game before release in September in which it seemed much better and ran smoother and was happy to be one of 500 to get the prestige edition.

2 weeks before this was released it was hacked and no effort since then was made to do anything till the update that will be coming fairly soon

So if like me you play domination you may find yourself in a modded lobby giving 65k exp a kill/death ie a prestige a kill which ruined the whole leveling up fun and modified the leader boards score , not only that there was the squad point infection that was also with this giving you a squad point for kills, kill-streaks and objectives, red box infection allowing people to see where you are at all times, and the famous all perk classes and invisible class, jugg minigun class. Disappointed in the secondary options available as there is pretty much nothing available to use so hopefully with dlc some more may appear.

Cranked was put in to try and stop the whole camping issue that has lately become an increasing problem in call of duty with people not playing objectives and sitting in corners camping i mean why pay the money to do that i will never know, Did it work sadly no if you play most of the maps it is quite easy to work out the hot parts of the maps in which most people sit and camp great job not to mention on most game modes the spawns are terrible so I'm hoping this will improve with the patch.

The dogs were patched as they seemed to have too much health when released which was a problem , however now they seem sometimes to die too quick or glitch out and do nothing getting you kills most of the time or can pass through objects to kill someone, I.E.Ds and C4 seem to have a very big radius in which quite often you don't even need to be near for them to explode and kill you , Semtex are terrible as you can throw one next to someone without blast shield and they don't die, If you fire an explosive and are killed the rocket or explosive disappears with is ridiculous as it should still go off if you fired it/ threw it.

Quite often contextual lean can get you killed when you are trying to fire out of cover or even in cover but has increase the head glitching for those who hide behind objects, Ballistic vests are useless against snipers as quite often as one hit seems to kill you most of the time , Recoil on some of the marksman rifles could do with dampening , when you are firing at an enemy who takes a lot of damage enough to kill someone but you get killed by someone else who shoots you and they survive is ridiculous, lag calibration should be sorted out as people seem to be able to curve bullets round corners, never understood how jump shotting increases your accuracy and stops people from killing you ,

Wiretap should be tweaked for hard core when an enemy uses a sat com you should be able to see the UAV  , what is the point of having a perk that makes footsteps louder but stops you from hearing people that are behind you as amplify doesn't clearly work properly but saying that dead silence should be made to stop amplify as this perk is just a little bit over used and over powered especially with a turtle beach with people without have nothing to protect them selves against,

The ACOG sight on snipers are almost useless half the time missing people that are directly ahead of you, thermal sights can be incredibly inaccurate when shooting some one at distance and on Assault rifles the damage seems to drop , having rapid fire should increase damage however with most Submachine guns this is not the case it takes just as many bullets if not more to kill some one especially on hardcore.

Knifing people in a corner or being next to some one doesn't always work which is ridiculous, tho saying that the lunge could be nerfed a small amount when running at some one, not sure why when you drop shot and someone stabs you get killed but when you go to stab someone already on the floor you miss  ,smoke grenades don't appear to work properly as the amount of kill cams where people are unaffected by them and can see straight through without a thermal sight, people that don't have focus on which is ment to reduce flinching when shot have better accuracy and kill you when being shot , frag grenades are like heat seeking missiles often rolling towards near by players even up hill, grenade launchers should be taken out of hardcore to stop the issue of campers using them all the time often killing several people and are pretty much unavoidable even with blast shield

There are many more issues that are not included however no doubt when the next patch comes through some may get fixed and others missed and most likely new problems

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Re: why i dislike ghosts and some issues

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1.) Can't really comment.

2.) Camping has been around (not an "increasing problem") forever and people will always find some way to do it, regardless of game mode, but overall, Cranked has been working out quite well for me. Even BO2, pretty the most anti-camper/rush-friendly CoD game of all so far, STILL had countless threads complaining about campers.

3.) Likewise, the Guard Dog hasn't really been having much trouble overall. I have seen it get some pretty ridiculous kills (like leaping out a second story window to insta-kill an enemy down below), but only rarely, and it only really gets killed quickly if a person catches us from behind from a slight distance.

4.) Can't really comment.

5.) Can't say much on the ACOG for snipers, but ARs and Thermal Scopes have been just fine for me. Rapid Fire doesn't need to increase the actual damage because you're already spewing your rounds much faster, thus you're dishing out more (potential) damage anyway. It will still take the same number of rounds to kill a person as normal, you're just able to do it faster. If it did actually increase the damage of each bullet, the inaccuracy would've been made MUCH greater ala BO2, where Rapid Fire was virtually useless because of how much added recoil it had.

6.) Killcams and Smoke Grenades, from what I remember, never really worked together. (As in Killcam doesn't show the Smoke Grenade smoke.) And it can largely depend on where/how they're used. A lot of people seem to try to use them as a way to charge at opponents when, really, IMO, that's the WORST way to use them, especially if you're in a two-way-only path. All the opponent will have to do is shoot in your general direction, strafing it along your direction and chances are that they will hit/kill you. I see them as much better for flanking and/or retreating.

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