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why is call of duty so fast to patch harmless out of the map glitches. By harmless I mean like the glitch in nightfall where you could go out of the map they patched it so quickly. But why if a glitch can not be achieved in a  normal public lobby why bother patching it.  Also why do they nerf weapons so fast. And why to they insist  on releasing new camos and heads every time you go for a piss it is annoying release something better cod more voice packs would be cool and would change up the game more.These are three  questions i want answered

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*Because they want to fix any glitches in their game.

*People whine, so they nerf. Yeah I know, its stupid; thats just how it goes though.

*Also, no one is forcing you to buy anything. IW is allowing you to play on their servers for free, alittle advertisement wont hurt you.

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Not really answering your questions but I just read the description of the new red camo. It says its eye catching or something like that....a camo that is eye catching doesn't really qualify as a camo....who wants to PAY to stick out like a sore thumb??

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