Calm Before the Storm

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Calm Before the Storm

As we all know Ghosts is due to release in only a few hours time now,

May be a good time to take a holiday from the forums

Start expecting thread after thread after thread of the same issue being posted over and over and over from around 11:59 onwards

Just for abit of fun,

What do you think will be the top 3 things complained about in the first 2-3 hours of the game being released?

1.) Dedicated servers still lag

2.) Perks over/under powered (Im going for Sitrep as theres already been a couple of complaint threads)

3.) Weapons with Attachments included (Honeybadger for example) being OP

Person with the closest guesses earns them self a virtual cookie!!!!

Again this is just abit of fun.

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Re: Calm Before the Storm

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I call it from now we will see a lot of threads about the MSBS that gun's max damage is higher than any LMG

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Re: Calm Before the Storm

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I think you're 48hrs late lol. 

I've seen lag posts, OP perk posts, OP gun posts, QS crying posts, health buff posts, perk nerf posts and we still haven't hit release day yet

Hopefully I'll be too busy enjoying the game to worry about the river of tears flowing through here.

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Re: Calm Before the Storm

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I know ive seen a few myself lol

I was thinking more along the lines of what we will see the most of lol

And yeah i agree, i doubt i will be visiting the forums too frequently for a few weeks after the game launches officially

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Re: Calm Before the Storm

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1. OP threads

2. lag threads

3. ban threads

Not in order.

Roll the dice. Life is a gamble
GRaS is OP. SaND get's everywhere
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