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I'm always looking for some competitive FPS games, and TF looked pretty impressive. Was going to buy it but AI grunts etc. in game killed the purchase for me. Looks like fun though - if it was 100% player controlled enemies might have bested COD franchise imo. I just can't get passed the bots thing. Anyone care to raise any points for? Might change my mind...

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Re: Titanfall

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suggest moving to teh off topic section

But since you asked,  I think its a core players wet dream, fast paced lots going on ect.....  But i dont like it its another fps with a new skin, it runs smooth but i got thee ol shoot half a clip and get 3 shotted thing.  as for the ai there dumb as nails, there bullets seem weaker and they are way easier to kill.  They typically stand in groups so you can run in and jump kick all 4 in a few seconds, but it will piss you off if they kill you due to there dumbness. Yes there are campers, snipers, basically everything you see in cod its there.  Oh you dont like halo jumpers?(retorical) well now they can jump 20 feet in the air and bounce off walls, great.

Needless to say its not up my alley plus i like hc. But its worth a try you may like it.

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Re: Titanfall

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PPlayed the beta and I'm glad I did.  I will not be purchasing for the same reasons as the OP and +1. I will be trolling their forums to see when the complaining about campers starts though.

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