What is NAT, Where is NAT, How is NAT ?


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Re: What is NAT, Where is NAT, How is NAT ?

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I can start my xbox will be moderate back to dashboard and ghosts again and open.

Ghosts is weird

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Re: What is NAT, Where is NAT, How is NAT ?

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Activision Support

here is a link to Activision Support with an explanation and list of ports to open for COD Ghosts Hope this helps.

I have collected a list of ports throughout all of my research on this issue and these are ports that others have listed so try them all if you must lol...

Steam: 27000-27030 UDP, 4380 UDP, 3478 UDP, 4379 UDP, 27014-27050 TCP

CoD:3074 Both, 3075 Both, 3076 Both

The following are random ports that were posted but I'm not sure if they are CoD or maybe console VoiP: 1116-1150 Both, 5165 UDP, 27900-27901 UDP, 28910 TCP, 443 TCP, 465 TCP, 983 TCP,5223 TCP, 3479 UDP, 3658 UDP, 4658-4659 Both, 10070-10080 Both

To make it simple I used a program from Router Port Forwarding Guides - PortForward.com

You simply select the router you have and it will guide you from there or download the PFconfig program for $29.95 and it will do it all for you. This is a link to the page that came up for my specific modem/router Port Forwarding the Netgear CG3000 Router for Call of Duty - Ghosts.

Note to CoD...please provide ample info on how to setup your games to properly work for all players so that your customers are not so frustrated trying to play the game they love...and hate...haha

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