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The HD 7670M isn't a good gaming GPU, and I strongly recommend a GTX 760/770 or HD 7970 GE/R9 280X level GPU for HD (1920x1080) gaming or in the Mobile realm GTX 700M/800M series. See - PassMark - Radeon HD 7670M - Price performance comparison

As far as the Polling Rates for your Mouse, most gaming Mice have setting in their Control panels. copy/paste:

First you need to make certain that your Mouse's software is installed and that that feature is supported; most every 'Gaming Mouse' supports Report and DPI settings. Examples:

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Re: Ghosts PC Updates (3/4/14)

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logitech g100 gaming mouse is good ????

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Re: Ghosts PC Updates (3/4/14)

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No man, not G100. That mouse doesn't have enough buttons for any game!!

Why Logitech consider that a gaming mouse is just idiotic !!

Don't go for the best deal dude, you get what you pay for.

....Go the G700 mouse, and set it up right, like this...

Logitech mouse software>Profile>Game

Buttons: set any obscure keyboard button to the mouse buttons

Go into Ghosts and set these mouse buttons to your most used keys in-game.

Logitech mouse software>Profile>Game


Number of DPI Levels: 3

X AXIS: 2600, 3900, 5000

Y AXIS: 5400, 5600, 5700

NO: Use OS native drivers

NO: Enable angle snapping




Now you're good to kill in any shooter.

In Ghosts in-game Options>Movement: set mouse sensitivity down to BELOW 10% on the slider

Other FPS games adjust mouse in-game options to suite you.

Go for it, have fun and start smashin em!!

PS: And the only possible reason you'd want to play Ghosts is for Squad Assault, or Wargame>Play Now, to help level up.

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Re: Ghosts PC Updates (11/19/13)

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Thank you so much

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Re: Ghosts PC Updates

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SOOOOO many nice fixes.

Can't wait for more updates and improvements!

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Re: Ghosts PC Updates (11/19/13)

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What about the backgrounds from mw3 and bo2?

And why the Call of Duty Elite web page don't work?

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Re: Ghosts PC Updates (11/26/13)

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cod elite doesn't work for PC.

you can make an account but that's it.

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Re: Ghosts PC Updates (11/19/13)

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I admit that I was scared IW wasn't going to try hard to make this game it's best for PC gamers, but this fix has proven they are still FULLY committed to their games.  Not every fix will be and has been addressed, but we should all agree that they did an amazing job fixing what they did above.  I applaud what they've done and will support them as they continue to address issues.  I think right now we can all let them work and continue on giving us the best product we know they can.  ...and believe it or not that was me trying to sound as little like kissing @$$ as possible.  But seriously...thanks to the community for pointing out the issues and IW for listening.

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Re: Ghosts PC Updates (11/19/13)

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Game still runs badly (on windows 7 64-bit, with a 6870, could get 125 fps average on black ops 2 on low-medium graphics, as on this I get around 60-70 everything low), still no in game FPS or FOV unlocker, also when you use a high sensitivity or DPI it makes your mouse in game skip frames and makes it impossible to aim. Also the alt tab still is broken, you can't alt tab unless it is in windowed full screen which I do not want because I need to run the game in 720p to get more frames as it is still horribly unoptimized. If all these things get fixed I will be a happy player, but as now things are still incredibly broken.

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Re: Ghosts PC Updates (11/19/13)

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Hey everyone -

If you're still encountering stuttering issues post patch, could you please let us know what operating system you're using?


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