Headquarters and Demolition?!

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Headquarters and Demolition?!

Hey guys,

does anyone know, whether there will be a headquarters or demolition mode added?!

my favourite modes in modern warfare 2 and 3 and blackops... i dont understand why they picked out all of these objective modes and now there is just modes like domination (camping too hard) and tdm, kill confirmed (everyone is camping in these shit modes).

IW added s&d, so why not a smart mode, where you have to play smart and not like johnny rambo on crack?!

greez lqrs

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Re: Headquarters and Demolition?!

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Re: Headquarters and Demolition?!

I'm waiting for them too. Twenty variants of Deathmatch and several types of "Search & Whatever" but not a single one the typical objective-based modes. It just doesn't add up.

Not even a mixed list like Team Tactical. Maybe that's even my biggest gripe. If they think there aren't enough players for all the individual modes, well, why no mixed list? I guess that would've been to easy.

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