How to make COD Ghosts 2 good

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How to make COD Ghosts 2 good


Re: How to make COD Ghosts 2 good

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Not sure if anyone from Activision reads these forums or cares about our input, but this is my first suggestion since I've been playing. 

It seems to me the #1 reason people don't play/buy Call of Duty games is they're unrealistic.  I have many friends who've played in the past or seen others play, and they'll no longer buy/play it.

I only have minimal experience on MW3 and now Ghosts, so I'm basically a novice player, and I like it, but here's what I hope Activision aims to improve in future releases:

1) Don't make snipers so easy to use; try to eliminate the ability to quick scope.

2) Make handguns a bit more powerful.

3) Don't let players run around so fast.

Has anyone ever seen anyone in a real war running around with sniper rifles quick scoping?   I just want the game to be more realistic; a little truer to form. 

To remove quick-scoping, all Activision has to do is:

1) Prevent any perks that allow fast draw (of snipers)

2) Make the weapon heavier (harder mobility)

3) Make it much slower to draw to the face. 

Combine ideas 2 (stronger handguns) and 3 (slower mobility) so that people are more likely to use a handgun in close combat rather than knifing.  If an enemy is coming towards you, he shouldn't be able to sprint as fast as they do in the game, that way people are more apt to draw a handgun and use it, and many people will be less compelled to use a knife.

A knife should be used when you approach someone from behind.  It shouldn't be commonplace every time you turn a corner.  It's because we're all rounding corners so fast that knives are used so much.

More than anything, I find it really ridiculous that a sniper can draw and kill me faster than I can draw my assault rifle.  Even if he's got a beat on me, he should be using an assault rifle or handgun.  Anyone who draws a sniper at close range should expect to die; it should be a rookie mistake, not a skilled maneuver. 

In my opinion, quick scoping is not good for the game, and now there are way too many snipers in CoD because everyone understands the power of the sniper and the game is built in such a way that it's conducive to sniping.

I don't mind being strategic and avoiding snipers, or flanking them, but getting killed repeatedly at close range from quick sniping is just not realistic.  Make it true. 

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Re: How to make COD Ghosts 2 good

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Simple and easiest way to make it worth while buying and playing is make it have all the features of COD 4 and with graphics that are actually better than a 5 year old game.

Either that or just simply don't bother making a pc version of it because anyone who has any inteligence will not buy it after this latest mess of a game that, has recieved no support of value, has no features that were promised etc etc.

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Re: How to make COD Ghosts 2 good

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I strongly agree with you!

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