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My video card is GTX 260, I just want to know is ok for the ghosts or needs upgrade to a DX.11 video card.

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Depends, if Ghosts is a DirectX 11 game then no; several sites have said it's a DirectX 11 game but they're looking at nVidia's info. Otherwise still the GTX 200 series has <1GB vRAM which by itself causes some stuttering not to mention it's now a weak GPU since the games are more demanding.

So if it were me and I wanted something beyond low-quality settings and a stable 60 FPS in HD (1920x1080) gaming I'd replace my GPU. The official minimum specifications and benchmarks aren't available yet, and I'd want to see some benchmarks before purchasing unless you purchase some higher-end GPU.

The conscience is a GTX 650 or HD 7770 on the minimum side of things, and better for more competitive play. Frame drops and stutters will cause you problems in multiplayer.

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