.44 Magnum Glitch/Hack

Ghosts PlayStation 3

I don't even know if it is a glitch or a hack but it's so freakin annoying!! getting killed from across the map with one bullet, seriously? Come on Infinity Ward, it's like if you just sit and watch all the wrong stuff that it's going on with your game, do something about it!!

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Just this morning I was playing with a friend and he showed me on Stonehaven you can kill someone with a shotgun (without a slug) from across the map. He only had a muzzle break. You can also use a pistol. FYI

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Yeah. played against one douche who had this hack on Prison Break. He was in the guard tower laying down with a riot shield on his back just sniping people with his magnum. Not surprisingly, it was some squeaker who called everyone scrubs for not being able to beast like he was.

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They call it the "Wild Widow" and I have not seen it yet but some guys in clan says they have.  It will also take down air support with 1 shot.

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Come across it tonight, but chap running it was real crap! Though he got me a couple of times , length of construction site on prison break and the length of the road on warhawk he was camping and couldn't shoot straight! You can imagine what stick he got in the lobby ! Wanker ! 

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