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The AK-12 is the 2nd slowest auto AR, Remmington is slowest.

So generally an R5 wouldn't outgun an AK.

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Re: Ak

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In my opinion, there's really no OP guns in this game.  It feels much more balanced than previous titles.  There are absolutely best opportunities to use specific weapons, but I have no problem with people playing with any gun.  In fact, I'd rather see a larger amount of ARs like the AK-12 lying around after I kill a few people, gives me a better option of secondary to pick up when needed.

I feel instituting "nerfs" to weapons pushes people away from that weapon, just by the fact there was announcement to say they are adjusting it.  A lot of the time they are not huge changes, but it definitely affects the numbers using the weapon, even if the adjustment is minor.

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