Anyone else having this problem?

Ghosts PlayStation 3

I've been playing a few games today. Some in the morning and some in the afternoon. Anyways I've noticed that there has been a been big decrease in hits being registered. I have to shoot people 3 times as much to get a hit marker or kill. It's not at any specific range, it happens at all ranges. I've had to stop playing a few times today because it's hard to play this game when you clearly shoot someone and don't get any hit markers then end up dying by the person you were trying to kill.

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Played a game this evening 'Ignite' and couldn't believe what was happening, 3 members of our team stood around one player pouring bullets into to him without effect, he shot all 3 of us and carried on, this happened numerous times in the game. A couple of players were flying around in the air like they were using jet packs (is that somewhere in the game???) at the end of the game everyone on both teams received 66,000 points. This has got to be hacking. Just paid up for the new map packs and find they're totally dominated by hackers. I read that fixes are on the way, but I've read about hacking going back to just after launch, why the long wait to sort it out?

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try hardcore

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