Being A 10th Prestige Player...

Ghosts PlayStation 3

I finally hit 10th prestige on Tuesday night, but now I feel like I worked for nothing. Every time I do good, I get called a hacker and not legit, I use assault as support mod etc.

Does anyone else have this problem too?

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Yeah you will get that a lot I've been 10th prestige (legit) since around mid December and all I ever get is hate.

I Think it's funny tho that most the mates I play with are all 9th prestige and nobody ever notices them xD it's just the 10th prestiges that get mocked. You just gotta get use to it and hopefully people will understand the game has been out for almost 4 months that it's possible some legit 10prestigers are out there

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Um MW3 Christmas eve 10th MW3 Ghosts is the death of COD anyone get banned for being in an XP lobby and having some hacker set the XP so high u get banned for life. Elite founder goodbye lvl. 50 clans I hate this company.

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fuck the haters lol let them cry

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Just say, look at the time played

Should be more than 9-10 days of gameplay

It usually takes a day and a couple of hours for each prestige.

9 days is a pro's rate.

Doesn't matter what people say. If ur legit, they got nothing against you but hate and tears.

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I got there in 8 days and 22 hours. My mates have all been between 8-9 days.

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Just wait until your clan reaches their max level and you get a red clan tag. You'll get ignorant people calling you hack cuz they don't have the ability to read how a red tag is attained. there are also people who look at your prestige and complain about you having no life. The games been out for several months now and they still think people should be on prestige 1.

If you play certain game modes(i.e Dom) you can get 10000+ xp per game. Imagine you did that with double xp weekend, you can make 2-3 prestige when the double xp weekend is over.

Cry babies who talk about other people achievements are funny cuz once they play against u and get thrashed then they blame it on something. I go by this motto "if you made them complain about something then you did your job".

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Yeah, I can get up to 20,000xp a game if I use my operations wisely.

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this is why i took my down, and also i kept getting request from players wanting to join my clan

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Im Currently 9th prestige with only 5 days 20 hours play time and im in a maxed out clan so i have red clan tag. I get called hacker because there is no way of getting that rank with low play time but all i play is cranked, and on double XP weekends i can get loads of xp per game especially if i use operations correctly. Its unfair if im being reported for hacking when im actually legit

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